What Does It Mean to Be Balanced in Body, Mind and Spirit For Christine Ghali?

stones placed on top of each other on the beach, symbolizing the meaning of body mind spirit connection for Christine Ghali, doulaThis question was posed to me by my dear friend Heather. She’s one of those amazing people you really want to be around. She’s magnetic, charming, beautiful, insightful and thrives on getting real.

We were put in each other’s paths when our firstborns were infants, you know, when you’re clinging to every ounce of your pre-mom self before you realize everything has changed, forever.


How to stop nagging and start LOVING

It’s pretty cool when you switch from making lists in your head about what you DON’T like about your partner (incessantly – as if somehow this list would change things) to non-stop thinking about how many AMAZING things your partner is doing (which will actually change things!).


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