“We control ourselves, by not allowing ourselves to be self-expressed, because of the fear of abandoning our old beliefs, which we are attached to (the way we have attached to our parents). We must feel the pain of rejecting ourselves, rejecting our old beliefs, the pain of being WRONG, in order to heal. In order to unite our body mind spirit.” ~ Heather Hundhausen, Transformational Life Coaching – CranioSacral & Trigger Point Massage Therapy

“Reach inside yourself to find YOUR pain. Do not avoid your pain, thereby avoiding yourself. Embrace yourself, kiss yourself better, nurture and love yourself, until you can be with you, the way you want to be with others. Let your body mind spirit become one.” ~ Heather Hundhausen, Transformational Life Coaching – CranioSacral & Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Trauma and Relationship Coaching – CranioSacral & Trigger Point Massage Therapy


Heather Hundhausen, Transformational Life Coaching - CranioSacral & Trigger Point Massage TherapyHeather’s trauma and relationship coaching combined with experiential body-mind therapies creates peaceful environments for powerful, world-changing, female leaders who are overwhelmed and stressed and looking to create peace, abundance, freedom and joy.

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Trauma and Relationship Coaching Insights, Tips and News


  • You do NOT have to live with pain. Are you ready for a PAIN-FREE life?
  • Your body whispers secrets to you all the time on how to create happiness. Are you listening?
  • An anthology of stored memories sits in your tissue. Are you reading it? Do you understand how your body mind connection works?
  • Access to unlimited, vital, childlike energy is available to you at all times.
    Are you taking time to discover your blockages to perfect health?
  • Can you feel the inflammation in your body?

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10 Work Life Balance Buckets for Women Looking to Create Peace, Abundance, Freedom and Joy in Their Lives

Here’s Heather’s proven ultimate work life balance formula she uses for her own life, her loved ones, and her trauma and relationship coaching clients successfully.

  • Bucket #1 Noticing Your Thoughts, Emotional & Body Pain
  • Bucket #2 Changing Your Beliefs – How You Were Parented – Reparenting with Inner Child Work – Become Your Own Parent
  • Bucket #3 Self Love – Become Your Own Loving Parent and Teacher
  • Bucket #4 Self Care
  • Bucket #5 Boundaries & Worthiness
  • Bucket #6 Relationship with Partner and Others – Give and Receive Love
  • Bucket #7 Relationship with Kids/Dependents
  • Bucket #8 Relationships at Work and Others – Potential at Work/Job – Work Performance
  • Bucket #9 Forming Stronger Connection to the Divine/God
  • Bucket # 10  Start Thriving and Fulfilling Your Purpose – Pursuing Your Calling

“My aches and pains melted away during my massage by Heather. She instinctively knows how to employ the perfect amount of pressure, and relieved knots I didn’t know that I had. I do not recall driving home, and I slept very well that night. I recommend Heather H I G H L Y. Treat yourself and let Heather work her “magic” on you. “

Tina V.

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  • Your intuition tries to talk to you, but are you aware?
  • Do you feel emotionally NUMB and wish you could reclaim your feelings, because you know it is affecting your divinity and power?
  • Are you aware that your entire life would shift if you would get quiet enough to listen to your internal guidance?
  • Everyone is given a purpose and a destiny for their lives.
    How can you find your purpose?

“Q: How does one spell “relief”? A: Today, I spell it Heather Leigh, LMT Just completed a 90 minute session. I’ve had in excess of 400 massages, worldwide. Heather is intuitive, gifted and most definitely earns the description of healer. I feel magnificent. Now, in full disclosure, I am not 100% pain free – I arrived pretty messed up from work, long ago injuries and recent trip and fall accidents – SO, given the amount of pain I was experiencing and how I now feel, I am so very grateful for her magic hands, and heart. More work to be in progress!! Thank you, Heather!”

Sandra Baer


  • Are you acutely aware that your relationships struggle because of your ineffective communication?
  • Do you hold yourself back sexually?
  • Do you find yourself being spread too thin, but you keep saying YES?!
  • Do you find that you put your friends, loved ones and children ahead of yourself? (Because when you don’t you feel guilty).
  • Are you ready to experience a peaceful home environment?

Through her trauma and relationship coaching, Heather can assist you in creating the relationship environment of your dreams to build healthy relationships with yourself, her family, friends, colleagues, and others.


  • Do you know there is another level for you and you just can’t seem to get there?
  • Do you struggle with focus and lack of self-control?
  • Are your thoughts sabotaging your success?
  • Can you imagine what your life would look like if you said YES instead of holding back in fear?
  • Would you like to put the reigns on the wild stallion of “negative thoughts” forever?
  • Can you clearly see what you want to create but for some reason just can’t get there?

Learn how the power of your mind creates the results you get.

Read further about the power of hypnosis and trauma and Heather’s relationship coaching services.

Knowledge and tools are available to learn how to do all of this. Are you willing to let someone help you learn?

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woman in pink dress and with blonde hair, blowing purple flower pedals off her hands, symbolizing the power of loving yourself quotes

Create relationships that thrive and a life of happiness and peace!


* Back Pain * Shoulder Pain *Headaches * Fibromyalgia
* Knee Problems * Heart Issues * Breathing Issues * Asthma/ Allergies
* Low Back Pain * Hip Pain * Common colds * Sinus congestion


  • Like someone is “getting on your nerves”?
  • Like someone is a “pain in your butt?”
  • Like people “stab you in the back?”
  • That you “carry the weight of the world on your shoulders?”
  • Anxiety?
  • Stress?
  • Like you deserve more love?
  • Like you “can’t stand up for yourself?”



Heather Hundhausen uses her knowledge as a licensed massage therapist, with her masters in Mental Health Therapy with a Specialist in Marriage and Family Therapy to create a Personalized Healing Plan for each of her clients. Along with her gifts as an empathic, intuitive healer she will help you to learn to READ YOUR BODY TO ALIGN YOUR LIFE.

Heather Hundhausen teaches you how to do this with trauma relationship coaching transformational and as workshop facilitator.

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