Give Yourself these 12 Gifts to Make Your Christmas Joyous

Enjoy the 12 Days of Christmas Presence that will help you stay grounded in your core essence and peaceful no matter how negative, aggressive or stressful your environment is.

Day 1: The Gift of My Body

My body is a gift. Acknowledging all of the parts of our bodies that work RIGHT …


Day 2: The Gift of a Peaceful Environment

My life is full of peace – Peace is the natural state of the world.  


Day 3: The Gift of Feeling Loved

My heart is a gift: Love surrounds me.


Day 4: The Gift of Finding and Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

The Gift of Finding and Trusting Your Inner Wisdom – Where did my inner wisdom go?


Day 5: Your Mind is a Gift

Your mind is a gift. Chatterbox, who that noisy voice in your brain is, and what to do with it.  What noisy voice?


Day 6: The Gift to See the World from the Eyes of a Child

The eyes of a child … every child is precious.  Bring to mind the most adorable child you know.


Day 7: The Gift of Parenting

Parenting – yesterday you got to meet your inner child.  Today, you get a very special gift.


Day 8: The Gift of Forgiving Others and Myself

Forgiveness is more than an impossible word.


Day 9: The Gift of a Good Relationship

You are one powerful creator.  Sometimes, we forget that we are powerful creators, and we get stuck in an old story that doesn’t serve us, as we discovered yesterday. 


Day 10: The Gift of Understanding Your Body

Chew on this – the messages of your mouth and tummy. Take a moment and really feel the connection between your mouth and your stomach …


Day 11: The Gift of Feeling Grounded

My feet and mother earth. It’s drop down day.  We are going way down.  If you are a woman, or a man that wants to increase his connection to the feminine, we are also going into the womb.  The place of creation.


Day 12: The Gift of Connecting with God

Holy spirit in a body. You are holy. And you have a body.


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