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  • Do you feel taken advantage of?

  • Do you feel like a doormat?

  • Are you doing all the work around the house and you can’t seem to get your family members to support you?

What’s a boundary?

Like a fence around your yard. Your dog cant get out, other people’s dogs can’t get in. You can open the fence if you trust someone.

What happens with lack of boundaries?

Chaos happens. You feel resentment, exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed out and like no one cares about you.

Set some boundaries!

I was talking to a friend the other day about boundaries, and she said, I don’t understand, what do my boundaries have anything to do with someone being abusive to me?

  • I gave her an example of when I was teaching my children about bullies:
  • I used a question that would really “get” one of them, and completely not affect the other. I asked the unaffected one first, and he replied very non-chalant.
  • I then asked the other son, and he got all riled up and defensive and wanted to attack me, “the bully.”
  • I explained to them that when the bully thinks he’s “got” you, he will continue to provoke you and bother you. If you don’t give him anything to bother you, he will stop.

This is how we use boundaries. We know how to get others to STOP.


1.) Let your no mean no

So often, we say YES to things that we don’t actually want to say yes to. We are tired, overwhelmed, and someone is asking one more seemingly impossible thing from us. Don’t they know that we are exhausted?! But we continue to say YES, and then, FEEL RESENTMENT towards them for not taking care of us. Who’s job is it to take care of you? YOURS!!

Not saying no leads to resentment

Saying no means self-care, not selfish – sometimes people give me a hard time on this point, but you can’t go very far if the gas tank is empty. You certainly can’t help others the way God intended you to help them, and showing up exhausted and bitter isn’t helpful either. Wouldn’t you rather take care of yourself and then be able to show up loving and calm and truly in service to your family and friends?


“Heather you are an amazing trainer. You exude encouragement, and your energy breeds hope into the impotent heart. No matter how I feel before we have our conversations, I am always at least three times better after you have poured your mothering, loving intentions into me. Anyone who has the opportunity to hire you as a coach is guaranteed to see themselves as unlimited after you have finished. Thank you for your wonderful gift.”

Joseph B.

2.) Let your yes mean yes

Recently my girlfriend cut my hair for free. It was an awesome cut and I was really grateful, and wanted to pay her for it. I gave her $40 and she tried to hand me back 20!

Take your $40! Don’t just take $20. Be open to receiving gifts!

If I gave you 2 pillows for Christmas that I made you, and you tried to give me ONE pillow back, that would be ridiculous!

It’s like the movie “YES man” where he says YES to everything. I’m not suggesting that, but the idea is that if you say YES to life, you live more life!

3.) Don’t cross boundaries and look out for boundary crossers

A: Are you a boundary crosser!? Respect other people’s boundaries and NOs! Don’t try to change people!

B: Is someone crossing your boundaries? If you know your emotions and anger, you are able to say NO!

Many of us were not taught to say NO, and were not taught to know our own emotions, intuition or anger.


If this video and training resonated with you, and you want to PERSONALLY learn how to start implementing boundaries in your life NOW, please reach out to me TODAY.  You don’t need to spend one more minute of your life feeling like people are walking all over you, or giving up your power.  It is time for you to claim your power fully, get what you want, and be free!

In my coaching program, we dive in deep into emotional sobriety, feeling your feelings, distinguishing your feelings, especially ANGER, because it is a HUGE clue. When you are constructively in touch with your anger, you have amazing power and influence. (Not overpowering and manipulation, which comes when your power is destructive – either aggressive or passive aggressive).


I look forward to helping you!

Heather Hundhausen


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“Thought I’d shoot you a text and let you know…. When I got off the phone I was so open and vulnerable and clear. Went to talk to Hector and we had an amazing conversation. So amazing that several hours later we walked over and said, “I’m worried about going to hang out with my buddy tonight bc you’re being really weird.” Lol and Nicole and I were already able to have a vulnerable conversation and are hopefully on the way to repairing things. You’re worth every penny heather! Lol we haven’t even started yet and it’s so obvious that I’ve created this entire situation. I’m powerful. And as soon as I decided to use that power and changed my attitude… Everything changed. Even the kids were all behaving. Thank you!!!! I’m sure there are countless people that can say that you’ve been invaluable to their lives. I can’t wait to get started. I love you!”