My soul is sad. Being right. I’m starting to understand why it causes wars. If I believe THIS THING (whatever it is) HAPPENED and you believe it didn’t… Now its MY belief against YOURS. Who is right? Who is wrong?

Would it be “worth” the relationship to say, “this thing didn’t happen” just to “agree” with you and belong? And lose my own sense of “knowing what’s right inside of me?” Should I give up MY BELIEF, my knowing, my self, to be close to you? To be accepted? To belong?


Being Right, This is Why Wars Start

Either you believed Jews were bad, or you were a Jew or you helped Jews. Pick a side. There’s no neutral. What do you believe? Your life depends on it. Will you give up your BELIEFS to survive? Or will you keep your beliefs and be thrown away, killed, annihilated?

Did It Happened or Didn’t It?

many hands together with a red heartWhat would a world look like where I believe THIS HAPPENED and you believe IT DIDN’T and we could still love and accept each other?

“What if I can forgive you for what I think happened, but you don’t think it happened?”

Am I better than you now? Am I on the “high ground?” Or is this just more judgment and protection?

Believing something and not being able to give up your belief.


Neanderthals and Tribals

For 10 million years we were tribal creatures who depended on each other for survival. If you got “thrown out” of the pack, or didn’t “belong” it meant certain death. This is why rejection is LITERALLY more painful than cutting off your arm (measurably, in science, this is true. The brain has more of a pain reaction to rejection than losing a limb).


Being Right: My Truth and Your Truth Can be Two Totally Different Things


What if …

What if you’re wrong?

What if they’re wrong?

What if IT DID happen?

What if it didn’t?

Who knows the “truth?”

Some would say God. On judgment day, you’ll find out the truth. God’s truth. If there is such a thing.

If three people watch a car accident from 3 perspectives and all tell their stories about it, who’s “right?”

They all are.


Letting Go of Beliefs and Loving Unconditionally

What if we could let go of giving a shit about who’s right and who believes what? And just leave each other alone and let people think and believe whatever they want and just move on? What if we could do that?


Can We Overcome the Desire of Being Right and Overpower Others Within Us?

a sign with a heart But, clearly, as a human culture, a war-ridden civilization, clearly, we cannot … Sometimes not even in our own homes.

I’m sad.

I wish there was a solution. I can only imagine the solution is forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, love and non judgment.

Can we do it?


Can we actually learn to love unconditionally? Click To Tweet

I love you unconditionally … Under these conditions, no … That’s not unconditional.

What can YOU do?  Would you let go of your beliefs? Would you forgive?  What would you do?


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