Body Mind - How Does Your Body Know What To Do?

Your BODY is always talking to you. What is your body mind connection? It is holding every thought, every awareness, every memory.  All of this is stored in the tissue.  When you experience PAIN in your body, it is not just a structural issue.

Your body has stored EMOTIONAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, and PHYSICAL tension surrounding injuries, memories, and traumas (What is Structural Realignment Massage Therapy Technique).  When there is tension, there is pain.  The brain sometimes interprets “PAIN” when there is nothing physically, or structurally “wrong.”

There’s an amazing, interconnected, neurotransmission and nerve reaction response that happens with every micro movement you make in your body. But luckily you don’t need to know anything at all about that.

What you do need to know is:

Your body is smart enough to give you pain signals when something is wrong.


There are many different types of Medicine.  Heather uses Body Mind therapies from different parts of the world.  Here are a few different body mind examples of the medicines around the world that treat pain:

  • In Western medicine, we use Pharmaceuticals and drugs to alleviate symptoms, which don’t often “fix” the root cause of the problem. Our culture is obsessed with immediate gratification, so some people are willing to blindly accept this Band-Aid type of medicine.  IT DOES NOT FIX THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM.
  • A Native American Medicine Woman would use herbs, tinctures, saunas and sweat lodges, visualization, hypnosis, and herbal “trips” to other worlds to heal.
  • In India and China, the life force known as Prana or Chi is manipulated using different techniques like energy healing, Reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, herbs, and food.
  • Non-traditional or Alternative Medicine practices or Contemporary Alternative Medicines are also being used, including Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Yoga, Integrative Therapies, like Nutrition, Exercise, etc.

In Body Mind Medicine, we’re looking at how your psychological thoughts and beliefs, and stored emotional responses are stored in the tissue and held there causing a pain response.


Pain Response In Your Body

The pain response is an interesting psychological and physical phenomenon of the body mind connection.

You can have two people with the same exact physical symptoms, for instance: a herniated disc, and one is in excruciating pain and the other is running marathons! The pain response has been studied in depth in recent years. And depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different response as to what pain actually is.

Inflammation In Your Body

I work with clients who have inflammation in the body. For many years doctors claimed that this pain was not real. That it was imagined. It was created in the psyche. The more we learn about medicine and science, the more we realize that many different things are influencing our inflammation responses.  I have seen people entirely recover from the strangest physical symptoms by being given a low dose of anxiety or depression medication, and have also found that the food that we’re eating is having an affect on our immune system, which often causes inflammation in the strangest ways.

Diseases of Inflammation

I have worked with people who have these diseases of inflammation:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • MS
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Hashimoto’s 
  • Colitis
  • Irritable Bowel
  • Interstitial Cystitis

As my clients and I deal with what’s happening physically, emotionally, and psychologically, the body tends to heal itself.

As more exercise is introduced, and nutrition starts cleaning up, as a result of loving and accepting yourself, you actually make good and healthy food choices as well.


Your Body Mind Connection and People’s Pain Patterns

When I work with people’s pain patterns, we are working towards listening to what the body is trying to tell us, understanding the messages, releasing the blockages, and filling the body with love and acceptance.

What we resist persists, and with resistance, physical, psychological, or emotional, there is pain. And when we have no resistance, there is no pain. So it’s a psychological and emotional phenomenon to be structurally and physically aligned.


Structural Alignment With Neuromuscular Therapy

I worked with people’s physical bodies for 15 years and realized that I could structurally realign their physical body with neuromuscular therapy and re-alignment techniques. But that wouldn’t always make the pain pattern go away. There is a psychological and emotional component resulting in the body taking the positioning that it did.

An example of this is a person who is insecure and stands with the forward head position (otherwise known as slouched shoulders and looking down).

I can structurally realign this person’s body to not have a hump through Massage and structural realignment, but their lack of confidence is going to keep them hunched over.

So as we fix the position without fixing the underlying psychological and emotional cause, pain relief wasn’t accessible.

As we begin releasing the emotional and psychological components, combined with the manual manipulation and body work, people’s physical bodies were able to experience releasing pain and sometimes releasing dysfunction function and disease.

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