Do you know that there is a next level for you, but you just can’t seem to break through to get there?

headshot Heather Hundhausen

I have a coaching program that will teach you, step by step, how to create solutions for many of the problems you are experiencing in your life.

  1. It works if you want it to work.
  2. Are you willing to open your mind to a new way of living?
  3. Are you coachable?

If you want it, you’re ready, and you are coachable, get ready to be shot out of a cannon into the sky, and fly as high as you ever dreamed.

The results of this coaching program, when you apply yourself, are remarkable!

The PAIN of knowing that you are someone greater than the way you have been living is torture.


Do you know that you need support and a guide, but you are just too afraid to spend the money, get vulnerable, really look at yourself, or god forbid, ask for help?

This is step that brave women take.

I would venture to guess that MOST women are uncomfortable in their own skin, in their lives, in their relationships, in their parenting choices and in getting their needs met. They are willing to stay in that uncomfortable place, day after day, because they don’t want to admit it, it’s familiar, and


They may not even be looking around for an answer!

Women are caretakers, they aren’t often looking to be CARED FOR, and I find, more often than not, they are also not taking care of themselves.

What Do You Want?

  • Do you WANT to live a life of joy?
  • Of happiness?
  • A life where you feel beautiful, supported, cared for, heard, valued?
  • Where your children listen to you and don’t fight with each other?
  • Where your spouse comes home and shares with you, and you are able to share with your spouse?
  • Where your business is thriving?
  • Where are you living your passion?


“Thought I’d shoot you a text and let you know…. When I got off the phone I was so open and vulnerable and clear. Went to talk to my husband and we had an amazing conversation. So amazing that several hours later we walked over and said, “I’m worried about going to hang out with my buddy tonight bc you’re being really weird.” Lol and another family member and I were already able to have a vulnerable conversation and are hopefully on the way to repairing things. You’re worth every penny heather! Lol we haven’t even started yet and it’s so obvious that I’ve created this entire situation. I’m powerful. And as soon as I decided to use that power and changed my attitude… Everything changed. Even the kids were all behaving. Thank you!!!! I’m sure there are countless people that can say that you’ve been invaluable to their lives. I can’t wait to get started. I love you!”


“Heather is an amazing coach. She uses different modalities and looks at the person as a whole to address needs in several areas. She always has the perfect response when I reach out to her and is a true professional. Being in the mental health field myself, I value all of her qualities and abilities as a coach; especially the fact that she is always learning and growing herself in order to be a mirror for her clients. She has taught me new things and I have worked on myself in a deeper level since she has been my coach. I highly recommend her to anyone. -Dr.V Clinical Psychologist”

Dr. V Clinical Psychologist

“Heather Hundhausen has been a God sent. Since we began working together in December 2014, I have seen many destructive patterns that have haunted me and my relationships.  Learning how to powerfully say “No”, how to express my anger in a healthy manner and choosing to get off the emotional roller coaster of the victim cycle has begun healing the strained relationship between my mother and I as well as within myself.

I have begun to experience a wider range of emotions, which has been a bit overwhelming. One could compare it to a dam bursting, yet as the stream slows I feel renewed and very capable of standing on my two feet. Heather is highly insightful and understands me on a level that even my closest friends have yet to achieve. Heather’s compassion has allowed me to feel safe to open up to her and to myself, even when every part of me cried out to stop and shut down we pushed through and I’m so glad we did. I feel stronger every day. I am so glad that I was patient and waited for Heather to come along to partner with me in doing this emotional work. Heather is the perfect companion on this road of clearing away the debris from my childhood, which has brought so much creativity, freedom and peace into my life. I now am learning to really trust myself both emotionally and intellectually. Heather has shown me how the left and right brain work together to make me a complete human and both sides are vital to a happy life.

I look forward to the new discoveries we continue to make together. Heather Hundhausen is a God send.”


PS – If you didn’t click YES to a FREE session, whatever is holding you back from taking advantage of recieving what is good for you, being a YES to something powerful and transformative, is exactly the thing that is holding you back in your life right now. Ready to do something new and different?