Parenting - Which Home Are You Creating?

How important are peaceful and loving parenting skills to you? Do you think your child isolates him/herself?  Do you feel he/she can’t trust you?  Does your child act out often and yells that you are not listening to him/her?

The sad future for this child is a life of repressed emotions, brewing anger and resentment towards you, his parent.  Your child is acting out because he/she is trying to TELL YOU something. 

Get out of the parenting rut.

Invest and build a happy future for you and your child.


Redirecting Children’s Behavior

a boy fixing a soccer net, symbolizing the results of loving parentingAre you exhausted from waking your kids up, getting them to school on time, making their meals, making sure they get their chores and homework done, breaking up fights, and getting them to bed on time?  Would you like more cooperation and support?

If you answered yes, then I this course is for you.

Redirect power struggles, temper tantrums, “misbehaving” children, rebellious teenagers, and sibling rivalry… without punishment, threats, grounding or timeouts!

I am here to help you!

Join me for the Redirecting Children’s Behavior course.  You will learn tools to boost self-esteem, enhance communication, foster love and create peace in your and your family’s life threats, grounding or timeouts! Fill out the contact us form and ask to receive further course details.


Peaceful Loving Parenting Course

Redirecting Children’s Behavior – Weekend Parenting Workshop

  • What kind of life do you want for your child?
  • Do words like closeness, empowerment, joy, passion, self-esteem and bonding come to mind?
  • Unsure how to create these values into your life with your family?  Then come join us for a breakthrough workshop in discovering the ease and joy of parenting!




Quality Time and attention

Quick and easy tools to show your children how much you love them and appreciate them. Simple, easy techniques, that only take a moment, to implement, that will make your child(ren) feel loved, important, special, and like they matter.

When they feel important, loved, and valuable, they misbehave much less.

How personalities are formed, and what you can do to make sure your child is creating a personality of confidence, empowerment, and success, by being self-motivated! Wouldn’t you love to see them studying on their own, or taking out the trash, because they WANT TO!?

The moment my children started doing chores around the house because they WANTED to be a contribution, I realized just how valuable this course was!

Nipping inappropriate attention seeking behavior in the bud! NO, DON’T “IGNORE THE BAD BEHVAIOR!” It doesn’t work, does it? They tell us to ignore unwanted behavior, but then it escalates! We have techniques to show you how to REDIRECT the unwanted behavior, when it happens, so you feel confident in your parenting, and your child feels important, safe, and secure.

You will learn EXACTLY what your child is trying to communicate to you when he/she misbehaves! Not only will you know how to redirect the unwanted behavior, you will understand what he/she needs BASED ON the “misbehavior,” and will deepen your relationship with your child.

Can you imagine knowing exactly what to do each time your child is annoying that would make them stop AND feel loved?

Can you imagine when they’re telling you NO! and being disrespectful, knowing exactly how to get them to stop, listen to you, and do what you say!?

What about when they’re trying to hurt you, saying “I hate you mommy” or giving you the silent treatment? Can you imagine knowing exactly what to do to have them turn TOWARDS you, connect with you, trust you, forgive you, and do what you need them to do?

Does your child ever act apathetic and lazy, and you end up doing things for them (you may actually even believe they can NOT do it for themselves) and you feel exhausted at the end of the day doing everything for everyone. We are going to teach you exactly why your child acts like that, AND show you how to get them to do the tasks you may actually believe they cannot do!

Sound too good to be true? It really is possible. And it gets better.

We will teach you a couple of new ways to communicate with your child, to create trust and safety, so YOU are the one they turn to when things are hard.  We will show you EXACTLY what you are doing to send the message to your child that has them either avoid confiding in you, or to have them go straight to you.

IF you are the PUNISHING PARENT – Your child will NEVER turn to you in times of need. They are afraid of you, and you have taught them to expect to get punished by you when they do something wrong. Your children will not TRUST you, and will go somewhere else for advice. This is how kids get into the “wrong” crowds. They feel accepted and a sense of belonging. If you are punishing your children, you are not creating sacred space. You are creating an UNSAFE home. When this child grows up, they are low income earners, afraid of taking risks or getting in trouble for fear of reprimand, punishment, or rejection.

If you DON’T FOLLOW THROUGH and are avoiding conflict, discipline, or punishment with your child, this is just as bad as punishing them. Your children learn you are unreliable, out of integrity, and they can manipulate you to get what they want. They become entitled, believing that life owes them whatever they want with no rules or consequences. (Try being married to this kid when he/she grows up).

We will teach you discipline WITHOUT punishment.

Children need to feel SAFE. (So do spouses). We will teach you how to create a safe home, with discipline, for your child.


We will show you how to let LIFE PUNISH your child. You don’t need to punish them; life punishes us enough. You just have to learn how to not get in the way of life punishing your child! We will teach you that too.



  • We will teach you team-building in your family.
  • You will learn how to get on the same page as your spouse, without getting in the middle, undermining your spouse, choosing sides, or making anyone feel left out.


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