Being Right or Being Kind? Love is the Answer!

people forming the word love with their fingers, love is the answer

Love is the answer.

We are all just bumbling around through life looking for love. Many of us have strapped down our emotions.  We are too afraid to love or let love in, because the pain that has been caused in the past has seemed so unbearable that we couldn’t possibly stand to ever experience that again. We don’t know that love is the answer to everything we struggle with on a daily base.


10 Buckets for Work Life Balance: #7 The Parenting Bucket

a group of children laying in the grass, symbolizing the power of the parenting bucket in our 10 buckets for work life balance series

Last week, we went over all the work life balance buckets. The buckets go in order and the parenting bucket is one of them. We start on the bottom. When the bottom fills up, we can move up to the next level. In my coaching practice, we notice our thoughts and our body pain. We work on changing our beliefs, self love and self care. We get into boundaries and worthiness. All of that starts flourishing out in your relationships. Relationships with your spouse/significant other, relationships with your kids, relationships with God, with yourself. The relationship with yourself is really the first 5 buckets. Once you start having nice balanced relationships, then we can move into a having a work life balance where you’re living your purpose.