How to Overcome Feelings of Abandonment in a Relationship to Create Better Work Life Balance

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We often don’t know how to overcome feelings of abandonment in a relationship. We stay stuck in relationships that hurt us. We feel abandoned by these unhealthy relationships. We think someone else is abandoning us, but in reality, we stay with the people who abandon us out of habit.  When we live our lives in this drama, its exhausting and creates discord in the balance of work and life.


Being Right or Being Kind? Love is the Answer!

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Love is the answer.

We are all just bumbling around through life looking for love. Many of us have strapped down our emotions.  We are too afraid to love or let love in, because the pain that has been caused in the past has seemed so unbearable that we couldn’t possibly stand to ever experience that again. We don’t know that love is the answer to everything we struggle with on a daily base.


10 Buckets for Work Life Balance: #9 Better Connecting with God and to the Divine

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As we connect to that which is greater than us, or connecting to God, we start to realize how completely interconnected everything is. The more we realize how interconnected everything is, the more we start realizing how our actions have reactions in the world.


Law of Attraction – Focus On What IS Working To Get Your Goals!

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The Law of Attraction can be used in your favor, or you can use it against you.  You can get what you want, or you can get what you don’t want.  The law is always operating, just like gravity.  Gravity can either pull you down and feel heavy (like trying to lift a piano up stairs), or you can learn to work with it, and use it to your advantage (like rolling a ball downhill).  Therefore, how you work with it is key!  You may not even know how you are working against the Law of Attraction!  Read more to find out!


What Does It Mean to Be Balanced in Body, Mind and Spirit For Christine Ghali?

stones placed on top of each other on the beach, symbolizing the meaning of body mind spirit connection for Christine Ghali, doulaThis question was posed to me by my dear friend Heather. She’s one of those amazing people you really want to be around. She’s magnetic, charming, beautiful, insightful and thrives on getting real.

We were put in each other’s paths when our firstborns were infants, you know, when you’re clinging to every ounce of your pre-mom self before you realize everything has changed, forever.