How to Survive the Holidays and Feel Joyous

christmas decoration made out of wood, letters joy, How to Survive the Holidays and Feel Joyous

Do you feel like pleasing everyone for Christmas is just impossible? Do you try to figure out how to survive the holidays? Do family members make requests of you that you normally would never honor, but you do in the name of “the holidays”? If you don’t do the activities you’re looked at as that family member who is selfish (and you feel terrible about yourself). (more…)

How to Overcome Feelings of Abandonment in a Relationship to Create Better Work Life Balance

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We often don’t know how to overcome feelings of abandonment in a relationship. We stay stuck in relationships that hurt us. We feel abandoned by these unhealthy relationships. We think someone else is abandoning us, but in reality, we stay with the people who abandon us out of habit.  When we live our lives in this drama, its exhausting and creates discord in the balance of work and life.


How Your Fear of Intimacy Makes Your Relationship Fail: 5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear and Be Happy with Him

woman with long curly brown hair is laying on bed, how your fear of intimacy makes your relationship fail

  • Do you have a fear of intimacy?
  • Don’t you want that special someone relationship, where you feel loved, seen, honored and respected?
  • Do you spend countless hours dreaming of Mr. Right, yet find yourself alone, or having serial relationships?
  • Ever wonder why it seems to be going so well, but then all explodes unexpectedly in your face?


Relax Your Body Tension by Releasing Fear

Releasing fear is easier than you think! Fear is one of the basic emotions. Many people hold fear in their body. The natural response to Fight or Flight, the sympathetic response (I got it backwards in the video! Sorry!), dumps cortisol and other neurotransmitters from our brain into our body. We actually cannot think rationally when the amydala takes over and you have this response.  It is the brain-stem, or reptilian brain. You are basically in survival mode when the amydala takes over. (more…)

Opening the Skeletons in the Closet

woman holding her hands in front of her eyes to hide, opening the skeletons in the closet

WELCOME TO THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY ME TIME!! Everybody needs a little ME TIME! I want to acknowledge you for taking a few minutes today for yourself. We are going to talk about those NASTY SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET.

As a powerful, world changing woman, I know that catching a little time for yourself can be a challenge, and I promise to deliver BIG INFO  that will support you in de-cluttering that icky mess inside of you. Photo by Rhett Wesley on