How to Not Feel Lonely During the Holidays

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Wonder if it’s possible to learn how to not feel lonely during the holidays? Loneliness sucks. Its draining. It makes us cry. Makes us wonder if we are good enough or what’s wrong with us. We wonder, if I did something better, or more, would someone love me? Feeling like this sucks all the time, but is especially sucky during the holidays, when it seems like everywhere we turn, there are families with little children and spouses with loved ones, and we aren’t feeling connected. 


How to Deal with Shame – Cranio Sacral Therapy CST and Overcoming Shame | Client Success Stories

How to Deal with Shame – Cranio Sacral Therapy CST and Overcoming Shame | Client Success Stories

I was blessed again to do another craniosacral session that helped my client to learn how to deal with shame today that was just beautiful. Many of us were raised in dysfunctional homes. We learned to be quiet. Some of us had parents yell at each other “SHUT UP” which convinced us not to speak, even though they didn’t daily it to us. We got the message. We swallow down. We stop breathing. We stop feeling. We numb out. And the body stores the stories as pain, hidden, held pain, holding, holding, holding.


How Do I Love Myself: I Think I Love Myself but I Don’t Even Know What Love Is

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Have you ever complained about something, and someone else just said, “oh, you’re fine. You’re tough. You’ll be fine,” and you thought to yourself, “you aren’t hearing me at all?” Have you even had someone tell you what you SHOULD do, or what you’re supposed to do, even though it goes against what feels right to you? Have you ever experienced someone tell you that you weren’t smart, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not getting it right or you’re not enough? (more…)

Being Right or Being Kind? Love is the Answer!

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Love is the answer.

We are all just bumbling around through life looking for love. Many of us have strapped down our emotions.  We are too afraid to love or let love in, because the pain that has been caused in the past has seemed so unbearable that we couldn’t possibly stand to ever experience that again. We don’t know that love is the answer to everything we struggle with on a daily base.


10 Buckets for Work Life Balance: #7 The Parenting Bucket

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Last week, we went over all the work life balance buckets. The buckets go in order and the parenting bucket is one of them. We start on the bottom. When the bottom fills up, we can move up to the next level. In my coaching practice, we notice our thoughts and our body pain. We work on changing our beliefs, self love and self care. We get into boundaries and worthiness. All of that starts flourishing out in your relationships. Relationships with your spouse/significant other, relationships with your kids, relationships with God, with yourself. The relationship with yourself is really the first 5 buckets. Once you start having nice balanced relationships, then we can move into a having a work life balance where you’re living your purpose.