How to Deal With Rejection

How to Deal With Rejection

You don’t know how to deal with rejection? We spend a lot of time worrying about rejection. Why? In tribal culture, if we were rejected by our tribe, it literally meant we would be alone in the wilderness. The chance of surviving this is slim to none. And sometimes, humans make no sense. Sometimes, one is threatened by another, and the one in the “power” position expels the other for whatever reason. Learn more about on how to deal with rejection and the four key actions you want to take to overcome it. (more…)

How to Let Go of Unrealistic Expectations for the Holidays

an empty egg, broken in two pieces, painted yellow outside, with counting lines inside the egg shell, How to Let Go of Unrealistic Expectations for the Holidays

Do you have unrealistic expectations on holidays? I had. When I was first divorced … My heart would f-ing break into shreds on holidays. I made up so many stories, mostly about how I was either a terrible parent or about how I was totally f-ing up my kids. I have spent holidays where I’ve cried the entire day, sobbing, going through multiple boxes of tissues … (more…)

Law of Attraction – Focus On What IS Working To Get Your Goals!

 private luxury resort, demonstrating the power of the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction can be used in your favor, or you can use it against you.  You can get what you want, or you can get what you don’t want.  The law is always operating, just like gravity.  Gravity can either pull you down and feel heavy (like trying to lift a piano up stairs), or you can learn to work with it, and use it to your advantage (like rolling a ball downhill).  Therefore, how you work with it is key!  You may not even know how you are working against the Law of Attraction!  Read more to find out!