Somato Emotional Release Day 3: Finding Joy By Not Letting Your BIG EGO Hold You Small – How to Overcome the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee

dolphin in ocean, seems like smiling, finding joy in being

Finding joy comes from diverting the ego! This is what I realized at the end of my SER experience.  I learned about finding joy and the diversion of the ego.  Our EGO is amazing at keeping us from healing!  Why would it ever try to do that? Imagine your inner mind is trying to fight against you in order to hold the status quo.  It has learned from experiences that it has to be THIS way or THAT way, and it does everything it can to keep you safe, controlled and alive. 


Somato Emotional Release Day 2: C Section or Natural Birth – Releasing Past Sorrow and Grief

father and mother form a heart shape with their hands and fingers around the baby's feet, c section or natural birth

Day Two of Somato Emotional Release: Negative Emotions Created from C Section or Natural Birth

Again, I started face up on the table with two therapists the same way as I started my Somato Emotional Release on day 1. The intention of the day was to release the face and jaw, not thinking about c section or natural birth and what not having my boys in a natural way meant for my soul and spirit. Again we weren’t talking through anything, we were just experiencing. (more…)

Relax Your Body Tension by Releasing Fear

Releasing fear is easier than you think! Fear is one of the basic emotions. Many people hold fear in their body. The natural response to Fight or Flight, the sympathetic response (I got it backwards in the video! Sorry!), dumps cortisol and other neurotransmitters from our brain into our body. We actually cannot think rationally when the amydala takes over and you have this response.  It is the brain-stem, or reptilian brain. You are basically in survival mode when the amydala takes over. (more…)