How to Take Care of Yourself First as Woman Entrepreneur, Mom, and Partner

How to Take Care of Yourself First as Woman Entrepreneur, Mom, and Partner

Ready to learn how to take care of yourself first? I have been taking some extra time for self care recently. It’s incredible to me that I have this belief: That if others need me, it is more important for me to tend to them, that to tend to myself. I realize that’s a crazy thought and if you said it to me, I would be like, “WHAT?! NOOO”. (more…)

How Do I Love Myself: I Think I Love Myself but I Don’t Even Know What Love Is

a woman sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee and eating cake with pleasure, how do I love myself

Have you ever complained about something, and someone else just said, “oh, you’re fine. You’re tough. You’ll be fine,” and you thought to yourself, “you aren’t hearing me at all?” Have you even had someone tell you what you SHOULD do, or what you’re supposed to do, even though it goes against what feels right to you? Have you ever experienced someone tell you that you weren’t smart, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not getting it right or you’re not enough? (more…)

How Trauma Affects the Body: 4 Steps to Releasing Tension

Curious to find out how trauma affects the body? We all have things we go through that impact us in a big way. The traumas are stored in the body as energy. This energy gets blocked up and held, sometimes for a lifetime. It can cause dis-ease, and for most people, forms a lifetime of bad “habits” as far as the way you move your body and express yourself in your body. Above Photo Nine Kopfer


Opening the Skeletons in the Closet

woman holding her hands in front of her eyes to hide, opening the skeletons in the closet

WELCOME TO THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY ME TIME!! Everybody needs a little ME TIME! I want to acknowledge you for taking a few minutes today for yourself. We are going to talk about those NASTY SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET.

As a powerful, world changing woman, I know that catching a little time for yourself can be a challenge, and I promise to deliver BIG INFO  that will support you in de-cluttering that icky mess inside of you. Photo by Rhett Wesley on