Why Your Sex Sucks and How to Get a Better Sex Life

Why Your Sex Sucks and How to Get a Better Sex Life

Doesn’t it SUCK to be sexually smothered by your partner?  Feeling like they always want something from you that you don’t want to give them? Doesn’t it also totally suck to want to have connection, closeness, intimacy and sex with your partner and they just don’t want you?  The feeling that you are being rejected, pushed away, neglected and not wanted can start to mess with your sense of confidence and self-esteem. Learn more about how to get a better sex life where you feel totally wanted! (more…)

How to Survive the Holidays and Feel Joyous

christmas decoration made out of wood, letters joy, How to Survive the Holidays and Feel Joyous

Do you feel like pleasing everyone for Christmas is just impossible? Do you try to figure out how to survive the holidays? Do family members make requests of you that you normally would never honor, but you do in the name of “the holidays”? If you don’t do the activities you’re looked at as that family member who is selfish (and you feel terrible about yourself). (more…)

How Do I Love Myself: I Think I Love Myself but I Don’t Even Know What Love Is

a woman sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee and eating cake with pleasure, how do I love myself

Have you ever complained about something, and someone else just said, “oh, you’re fine. You’re tough. You’ll be fine,” and you thought to yourself, “you aren’t hearing me at all?” Have you even had someone tell you what you SHOULD do, or what you’re supposed to do, even though it goes against what feels right to you? Have you ever experienced someone tell you that you weren’t smart, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not getting it right or you’re not enough? (more…)