What to Do When You Feel Lost in Negative Thoughts

What to Do When You Feel Lost in Negative Thoughts

The place of vision in peace. I don’t want to sit in front of a computer. I want to sit in front of a person. I want to share. Play. Be. Connect. I want peace in my heart and soul. I want God to replace fear. The tightness in my chest restricts the momentum. What do I want to create? Who Am I? Who am I to ask who I am? Oh Holy Spirit speak through me. Use me as a channel. I feel so lost without you. In my head I know I am light, but my head tells me awful things as well. Guide me Lord, show me THE WAY. Learn more about what to do when you feel lost and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Image source: Credit @ Danny Pesta (more…)

How Do I Love Myself: I Think I Love Myself but I Don’t Even Know What Love Is

a woman sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee and eating cake with pleasure, how do I love myself

Have you ever complained about something, and someone else just said, “oh, you’re fine. You’re tough. You’ll be fine,” and you thought to yourself, “you aren’t hearing me at all?” Have you even had someone tell you what you SHOULD do, or what you’re supposed to do, even though it goes against what feels right to you? Have you ever experienced someone tell you that you weren’t smart, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not getting it right or you’re not enough? (more…)

Have Faith in God – The Gateway to Heaven

inside of an old cathedral, have faith in god

Do you have faith in God? Heaven exists here and now. In your lovers kiss. You close your eyes, you breathe in deeply, your lips press into each other, you exhale, your tongue searching, with trepidation, timidly, holding back, purposefully, to drive your lover wild, to drive yourself wild… Your body wanting, aching, to lurch forward… your desire building, and you hold yourself back, again, to create more tension. (more…)

Mind Body Healing: How to actively repair your body and avoid depression

black and white picture of a woman, throwing her hair back, symbolizing mind body healing

Are you ready to STOP feeling like crap? Are you ready to let your body HEAL and learn more about mind body healing? INFORMATION IS POWER! And today, I am going to give you some really POWERFUL information that can, if you let it, change your life forever, BLOW YOUR MIND, and get you up off the couch.