Somato Emotional Release Day 2: C Section or Natural Birth – Releasing Past Sorrow and Grief

father and mother form a heart shape with their hands and fingers around the baby's feet, c section or natural birth

Day Two of Somato Emotional Release: Negative Emotions Created from C Section or Natural Birth

Again, I started face up on the table with two therapists the same way as I started my Somato Emotional Release on day 1. The intention of the day was to release the face and jaw, not thinking about c section or natural birth and what not having my boys in a natural way meant for my soul and spirit. Again we weren’t talking through anything, we were just experiencing. (more…)

Mind Body Healing: How to actively repair your body and avoid depression

black and white picture of a woman, throwing her hair back, symbolizing mind body healing

Are you ready to STOP feeling like crap? Are you ready to let your body HEAL and learn more about mind body healing? INFORMATION IS POWER! And today, I am going to give you some really POWERFUL information that can, if you let it, change your life forever, BLOW YOUR MIND, and get you up off the couch.