Are you wondering how to enjoy the simple pleasures in life? I wondered about it too. I went to this delicious class with Miguel Antonio Fleischauer and he asked us… Again and again… Maybe he asked, “how are you inhibiting your pleasure?” Maybe he asked, “do you block yourself from receiving pleasure?”


The Secret to Enjoy the Simple Pleasures in Life


I haven’t stopped thinking about it or asking the question. Because I was blocking it. I was avoiding it. I was ashamed.


Who cares why. I’m guessing society, parents, religion, shame. How we are taught to stuff ourselves down and hold ourselves together.


Enjoy the Simple Pleasures in Life: Feel Your Own Body

I listened to a comedian today talk about how TRULY freaky we are about sex. He was particularly focused on men… It was hilarious, of course, he’s a comedian…

But really… Why do we hold it all in?

What if we could actually be totally self-expressed? What if we could ravage our spouses of 20 years.

What if we untied our chains of resentment and expectation to one another? What would that even look like? Share on X

I’m not suggesting some Sodam and Gamorrah crap here… Although perhaps that story is part of our restraint.

I’m just simply suggesting to feel your own body. Feel yourself in your own skin. It doesn’t have to be sexual. I’m a massage therapist for God’s sake, and I get massages all the time. They’re incredibly pleasurable in a non-sexual way.

Maybe that’s the problem with our culture? Everything we think about bodies and pleasure and love leads right back to sex because the “training (life training)” has been so restrictive? So limited?

boy reading a book laughing, Enjoy the Simple Pleasures in Life: How Can You Experience More?

What if …

  • What if you fed a lizard some banana? Watched him eat it? He loves it! That’s pleasurable.
  • What if you told jokes with your children until they fall over laughing? That’s pleasurable.
  • What if you brush your best friend’s hair while she lays in your lap and lets you love her? That’s pleasurable.
  • What if you have a big slice of delicious chocolate cake with a nice, smooth, rich, creamy coffee? Sooo pleasurable.
  • What if you share favorite movie scenes from the 80s and stories about your teenage kids with one of your oldest opposite sex friends and laugh at how old you are and how ridiculous and wonderful romantic young love is? Unbelievable pleasure and deep connection.
  • Writing a book? Pleasure
  • Singing a song? Pleasure
  • Dancing ecstatically? Pleasure


How are you holding back pleasure? How can you let yourself experience more?

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