Experiencing the senses to feel alive. Do you? Experience all of your senses? Or have you shut yourself down from the pleasures and joys of the world? Simple, moment to moment pleasures.

What Does It Mean to Feel Alive?

When you slow down, you actually HEAR the wind. You want to take your shoes off and FEEL the soft, warm grass between your toes. We talk about presence. Getting present.

But do you actually know what that means?

Have you FELT IT? Have you FELT ALL of your senses all at once? Have you felt the sun on your skin with the wind, heard the wind blow by your face and the trees, and the birds singing, seen the beautiful sky and butterflies and clouds, smelled the flowers, tasted the rain that’s coming?

Have you LISTENED so intently.

Have you spent time with yourself.

Have you felt alive?

woman holding her scarf in the wind in front of a mountain, Experience Joy and Pleasure to Feel Alive

Feel Alive and You Never Get Bored

My partner and I were discussing today how you can never get bored. If you’re awake, alive, present and mindful.

When’s the last time you savored food with so much pleasure it was as good as sex? When was the last time you savored sex so much you had a full body orgasm or had a spiritual experience?

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Stop Focusing on Your Pain and Suffering

But you focus on your pain, your stress, your suffering, your impossible relationship, your lack of time, finances and sleep. You watch the news… You focus on struggle and listen to your mind like a runaway train.

Try instead to slow down and FEEL everything!


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