Finding Your Purpose By Clearing the Blocks that Sabotage You From Creating Out Of Your Divine Feminine Essence

Are you on your journey of finding your purpose? What are your god-given gifts?

Are you living a mission driven, passion-inspired, purposeful life?

Is your career or job based on your strengths and gifts or are you feeling exhausted?

Are you honored for your unique abilities and talents?


What We Were Told Is Not Reality

Many of us were taught in school: work hard, get good grades, go to college, get a degree, make some money, then be happy. Nobody talked about finding your purpose.

Oftentimes, we overlooked what we really loved, wanted and desired.

  • We were told we weren’t good enough, smart enough, or we wouldn’t make money in that profession.
  • Even though our hearts yearned for it and desired it more than anything.
  • Our feminine essence was squelched for masculine power, provision, and to “bring home the bacon.”
  • Making money became the most important thing in this advertisement driven culture we live in.

We were sent conflicting messages as women about get married and wait for “Prince Charming” to rescue you and take care of you.

Meanwhile, make sure that you take care of yourself, provide for yourself with a really good job and make a lot of money.

Not only is this a mixed message, but it’s a big fat lie.

We have literally been taught to ignore our instincts. We have been taught to suppress our intuition, gifts and talents.

So because we were teased for our empathy, sensitivity and intuition (our natural feminine qualities), we learned to hide these sensitivities and protect ourselves.

  • We became strong, masculine energy, taking care of and providing for ourselves (like our daddies taught us).
  • Meanwhile, we are emasculating all the men in our lives and are unable to form an intimate, vulnerable relationship that works.

Finding Your Purpose to Create out of Your Divine Feminine Essence

If you’re ready to find your purpose, the reason you were put here, and fulfill it, this finding your purpose workshop is for you. To discover your purpose, we offer both group coaching trainings online and LIVE experiential vision- boarding/ reclaim your feminine power workshops (currently in South Florida).

The On-line group coaching program uses subconscious reprogramming and hypnosis to clear the blocks that sabotage you from creating out of your divine feminine essence.

Penny Polokoff and Heather Hundhausen have joined forces and together created LIVE workshops for women to break free from the restrictive, masculine, “overpowering” context we have internally created as the meaning for “success,” and create breakthrough in relationships with other women.

  • You will leave the workshop clearly connected to your vision, vision board in hand, knowing your gifts and strengths, and
  • you will have a team of other enlightened, gracefully empowered women to support you.
  • We teach how to balance the masculine and feminine energy inside of you to create the ultimate work/career context.
  • Workshops offered in January to start your New Year off right!

 Contact us for further information about our group coaching training to discover your purpose.