newyearTHIS is how I will PERSONALLY be bringing in the new year!I’ve read so many books, articles and research on SUCCESS in the last year, mostly by entrepreneurs and millionaires,  and I’ve gained some insightful knowledge about how to PLAN and STRUCTURE my day.


With the new year upon us, and all of the books I’ve read through the year, I figured I would share my thoughts about closing out 2015 and how I’m going to personally be bringing in 2016.


First of all, I hired a coach. The price I’m paying (financially) is WAY outside of my comfort zone. It’s actually 3.5 times higher than what I budgeted for. At first, I figured I would pay for it out of my savings, but instead, took the problem to my coach, and we are making it the first priority of 2016. I’m working on how to leverage myself in my business. How to attract more awesome customers that I can profoundly impact in 2016 at the same level of service and results as in 2015. AND, take my pay grade up substantially (Of course, my pay grade only increases if I impress my boss, and keep my commitments, just like everyone else. Except, my boss is me. This is self-care at the NEXT LEVEL).

Secondly, I am setting up a ROUTINE for success. The key is to STAY COMMITTED TO SOMETHING. No one thing is “better” than any other habit, and if I’ve learned ANYTHING as a coach, it’s this:

The coaching clients who APPLY the tools to their daily lives are the ones with the amazing and ridiculously mind-blowing, goal-breaking results. So just DO IT. Whatever IT is.

I have tried a few things in 2015, to find out what works for me. Here are some of the things that were recommended (by millionaires), and I tried them all, and am still discovering which are my favorites:

Do NOT check social media or e-mail when you wake up – when you do that, you’re responding to the outside world, instead of creating what you want with your day.
Plan your day – set yourself up for success.
Write down 10 new IDEAS as soon as you wake up – this sparks your brain and gets your creative juices flowing. It’s actually a lot harder than it sounds!
Journal upon waking – write down whatever inspires you or is bothering you, get it out and down on PAPER with a PEN. This also connects you to your HEART energy.
Journal before bed – this clears your mind for restful sleep
Write down your successes from the day – this has you concentrating on what you did RIGHT, instead of wrong
Write down 3 things you acknowledge yourself for – This is increasing your self-love
Plan something FUN during the day – I forget to play, this reconnects me to my vision and purpose
Meditate – this gives you clarity of mind, and connection to infinite intelligence/ God.
Connect with someone you love – connection boosts good hormones.
Hug someone for more than 20 seconds – boosts good hormones.
Exercise HARD for 45 minutes or more daily – This is a “miracle drug.” It will get you off nearly all medications, get you ready to KILL IT for the day, gives you energy, helps you sleep soundly, clears your mind, gets you in touch with your creative mind… only good stuff here. If you do nothing else, exercise hard. It will save your life.
Get 8 hours of sleep a night.
Power naps (20 mins or 90 mins) are amazing and regenerate you. SKIP THE CAFFEINE!!!
Drink GREEN juice before anything else (I use SevenPoint2 the Alkaline Company) – it not only alkalizes your body, but gives you tons of energy!

My 2016 routine is going to be this:
Wake up and write down 10 ideas (when I get stuck… then:) 5 mins
Meditate 10 mins
Get up, put on GYM clothes!
Feed cats 5 mins
Drink GREEN juice
Plan My Day 15 mins
Exercise (while listening to audio books/ podcasts) 45 mins
TOTAL TIME: 80 mins

During the day:
Read one chapter MIN a day (15 mins)
Listen to or read personal affirmations (20 Mins)

Before bed:
Make list of necessary things for next day (5 mins)
Journal– acknowledge my accomplishments (5 mins)
Set alarm according to schedule

As Napoleon Hill says, “Without PERSISTENCE, you will be defeated, even before you start. With PERSISTENCE you will win.”

Here’s to persistence and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Good luck with your new HABITS of 2016!