I’ve been having hip pain. And, I am madly in love with the book I’m writing. With all my hip pain, I’ve never felt so alive and in my purpose in my life. Please pray I can keep this momentum. So far, it’s completely spirit driven. I feel so blessed. It’s bringing me joy like I haven’t felt since singing Carmina Burana in Carnegie Hall (I dreamt about that Timpani player & can still remember the vibration of the men’s bass voices shooting through my spine).


How My Hip Pain Is Writing My Book

As a body mind spirit therapist, I know my hip pain is more than physical. I’ve been meditating every day for a few weeks now. When I “work on my hip” in meditation, the book comes to me. (When I sit in meditation to “work on the book” I just get frustrated and nothing comes to me.)

Getting Quiet

My hip pain has been one of my BIGGEST gifts because it's forced me to get quiet and LISTEN. Click To Tweet



And what I had inside of me was a book?!

Who knew? I mean, I knew I’d write a book, I have 10 outlines of books… But I never started them, or if I did, I wasn’t obsessed and enthralled with them like this one.

I Am Changing With My Hip Pain

It’s actually changing my personality and bringing me more confidence. I don’t give a Sh!t about what anyone thinks about it. This book is going to cause a raucous…

For sure.

I’m going to piss off pretty much every group of people. But I’m prepared. It’s so beautiful and just reading it changes your vibrational frequency and consciousness… I’m ok with the fact that not everyone is ready for that.


Girl sitting on rock, My Hip Pain is One of My Biggest Gifts EverI had to make room for myself to listen.

Weeks ago I started eating right for my blood type. I started seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist. I’ve started organizing my schedule and sending it to my life coach.

I’m making time to meditate every day. I have energy and desire to focus on my partner and my kids! My relationship with them is better than ever. My relationships with my mom, dad and sister are growing too!


Self care is MAGICAL

It gives me energy to write books, balance my life, get to doctor’s appointments I’ve been putting off for years and put energy into things that really matter to me!

Work life balance is not only the key, it is achievable!

Try it….. You’ll like it!


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