Receive … what a word! What does it mean? To receive? Have you ever tried to GIVE something to someone … That you love … Out of love … Because you thought of them … What they like … Or maybe even what they NEED … And you gave it to them … And they didn’t receive it? Learn more about how to be open to receive love.


How to Be Open to Receive a Gift

Maybe your family or your friends tried to give you a gift? A necklace or a stuffed dragon they’ve had for many years … That they want you to have …

They offer you a piece of them …

It makes them special to give you something of yours and know you will have a piece of them with you …

  • Maybe they knocked down a wall in your house to build you the kitchen of your dreams you always talk about …
  • Maybe they gave you a haircut or a massage as a friend, and you tried to pay them back with money or a meal …
  • Maybe they tried to take you on a 10 day trip to California and wanted to upgrade you to first class so you could be together …
  • Or maybe they wanted to give you advice as they watch you about to crash head first into a wall
  • Maybe they asked you for help or support …

… and You Said No.

You didn’t receive…

What does that FEEL like for THEM?

Giving IS receiving…

If you didn’t get that… Read it again as if YOU were the giver and they didn’t receive you!

How Does It Feel?

If someone is giving me something, and I receive it, they had the opportunity to GIVE it and express love. If I don’t receive it… I actually TAKE AWAY the opportunity for them to LOVE ME.


How to Be Open to Receive Love

So … Why would we ever NOT want to receive something from someone?

You ever had your kid do something HORRIBLE?! Like completely disrespect you in public or make a gigantic mess? And you’re so angry you send them AWAY.

Pretty soon, they come back, head down, offering you a hug, or tears, of forgiveness…

How many times, out of anger, do we say NO to this display of love, this offering, this gift…

Because we are trying to “teach them a lesson?”

NOT LOVING SOMEONE Does Not Teach Them a Lesson

squirrel eating from man's hand, not loving someone does not teach them a lessonWhat’s the fucking lesson? That you’re an asshole? This tiny person is coming to us with a gift… And we DENY them the opportunity to LOVE US and MAKE UP.

This starts a LIFETIME of withholding giving and not apologizing or taking responsibility for their mistakes.

Maybe you were that child.

And we learn “Fuck you guys, I don’t need anyone.”

What a lonely place to be.


I Will Give You This But You Owe Me

Some of us growing up learned that others, especially those we were “supposed to” trust, GAVE WITH EXPECTATIONS and STRINGS ATTACHED…

Like: I’ll give you this today BUT YOU OWE ME... And if you don’t PAY me back YOU WILL PAY.

We quickly learned to NOT receive from these people for fear of punishment later.

Many of us also learned it's better to be in a position of giving... Because then WE were the one with the power... People would OWE us... If we kept track. Click To Tweet

Couples do this to each other:

  • Tit for tat.
  • This for that.
  • I do, you do…
  • Scores…
  • Accounting…


That’s not open, unrequited, unconditional love… Not at all…


How to Be Open to Receive Is Maybe the Hardest Life Lesson to Learn

Receiving has been a HARD lesson for me to learn. I’ve vascillated between

  1. “fuck you guys, I’ll handle it myself,”
  2. “I’m entitled to all of this” and
  3. “I’m too scared to be controlled or owe you something so I won’t receive what you’re giving.”

I’m learning, day by day, that to receive is to allow another to GIVE.

hands exchanging gifts, how to be open to receive love

No Exchange in a Relationship

I spent YEARS in a relationship where there was NO exchange. I needed it to learn that I WANT to receive. And also to be SOO grateful for every, single gift and offering.

  • No more doing it alone.
  • No more fuck you, I’ll handle everything
  • No more “that’s not a good gift”
  • No more keeping score
  • No more denying love.
  • No more giving to be in charge


People Are Giving Me Gifts and Presents From All Over


  • I receive loving offerings
  • I am connected
  • I allow love
  • I give when I want and that’s it… Not to GET anything (man, when I do that, I know now… I instantly feel so depleted!)
  • I clarify the intention of the gift if I feel like they think I will owe them something if I say yes

And you know what’s SUPER COOL about this shift for me?

People are giving me gifts and presents from all over it’s amazing! 

Thank you to the people who have given me so much, especially when I didn’t know how accept, to say thank you, or understand that it was LOVE, not you being controlling…

I’m sorry for when I haven’t been able to receive. I’m so grateful for love and the opportunity to give by receiving.


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