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I freak out about money. We all do money and deal with money issues differently. Don’t judge people with or without money. Most people don’t know how to handle their money.

I’ve seen broke clients with nothing come up with $5,000 to pay for a program, and I’ve seen people with $40,000 monthly residual income who have no savings. Hairdressers who are millionaires and lawyers who are broke.

Money Issues: It’s never about the money

Let me repeat that. Issues with money are never about the $$ issues. Click To Tweet

Money issues are manifestations of deeper beliefs and thoughts.

For example: If you believe that losing is awful, you might never want to lose! You might become a fighter, a lawyer, or an athlete.  But, at the same time, on the other end of the stick, you know that to win means someone else loses. And, you know losing sucks. That means when you win, someone else loses.  There is a #wound there. You realize you hurt someone, and that hurts.

  • What if it’s someone you love? Then your win means their loss.
  • How do you deal with that pain?  That for you to win, someone else loses.  

People who harden and numb to this pain long enough become #narcissistic.  They only think of themselves because thinking of others is too painful.

You can to just dig a hole, bury your problems in it, cover it up and sit on it and think it will go away.

When we choose instead to tend to our wounds, instead of act above them or bury them, we are able to be at peace with our choices. Click To Tweet

I ask my clients to talk with their inner guidance system about what they need in terms of money.  The answers always make so much sense.

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Why then, do we do other nonsensical things? If, inside of us, we know what we need if we tap in and listen, but instead, do something different and self-sabotaging.

We do them because we haven’t tended to our wounds. 

Many money issues center around worth and value, but they are not limited to that!  As you can see, if you struggle with losing, or others losing, then how do you win? You’re focused on who’s going to lose?  This is a wound that hasn’t been dealt with or cleared.

Just like a flesh and blood wound, (“it’s just a flesh wound!” For my Monty Python fans) if you don’t tend to it, it will inflame, fester and hurt.

We must tend to our painful wounds so they can heal! Click To Tweet

To discover your money beliefs, internally and discover your beliefs about WORTH.

  • What are you WORTH?
  • What is your VALUE
  • Can you answer these questions? 
  • Are you setting BOUNDARIES with yourself? Boundaries create safety and security.  Everyone likes the feeling of financial security. 
  • Avoiding conflict, as in the not wanting to win or lose?

These are some very common ways the thoughts and belief about money start to take off like a locomotive downhill. Once those thoughts get momentum, it’s hard to stop them, and as we know, thoughts create things. And we manifest with our thoughts.

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