You don’t know how to deal with rejection? We spend a lot of time worrying about rejection. Why? In tribal culture, if we were rejected by our tribe, it literally meant we would be alone in the wilderness. The chance of surviving this is slim to none. And sometimes, humans make no sense. Sometimes, one is threatened by another, and the one in the “power” position expels the other for whatever reason. Learn more about on how to deal with rejection and the four key actions you want to take to overcome it.

Different Than Anybody Else

I remember reading Clan of the Cave Bear when one of the characters gets thrown out because she was different than the rest of the group. It was devastating for her.

She was just simply expressing her gifts and true nature, and it was TOO WEIRD for the others to understand or accept, and that was it… Out into the wilderness she was sent alone to survive.

Useless for the Society

In the Book Top of the World, they consider that it’s time to put grandmother out of the igloo for the bears. Her teeth had been worn all the way down from softening the leather, and someone else had to chew for her. She was old and useless and it was time to get rid of her. She was just simply a burden at this point.

No wonder rejection means death to the unconscious, ego mind whose sole purpose is to keep us ALIVE.

The Pain of Rejection

No wonder we are terrified to get into or out of relationships. We are terrified of hurting ourselves and others. We all know the pain of rejection.

I personally have dealt with rejection in my childhood.

I was the weird one.

I didn’t fit in.

I never really felt like I belonged.

I have a musician, gypsy heart, and was raised in a country club environment where material things and money were of utmost value. A logical, numbers world, and I was talking to the spirit world at 6 years old.

Rejected as a Child

A child, living in what my parents considered to be a fantasy world. I definitely didn’t fit in. They would tell me all the time to get my head out of the clouds and care about real things.

How to Deal with Rejection by Using Your True Gifts

What was real to me was energy. Light. Vibration. Moods. Emotional frequencies. I could read people. Their hearts. Their truth. Their lies. I could see it. I could feel it.

And people didn’t like it.

These gifts are two sided.

I can do incredible emotional healing work. But I can also easily be rejected by anyone that feels threatened by my abilities to read their BS.

#1 Learn Who You Are

woman looking under the bed, how to deal with rejectionLuckily, I have learned WHO I AM… And what you think about me doesn’t really matter much. I spend countless minutes and hours communing with my higher self, in the light, with my guides and Jesus, and I know my truth.

I am SO GRATEFUL for the experiences I create that show me where my shadow is still “lingering” in such a BIG way that I sometimes still manage to “manifest” experiences out of it.

Like being rejected.
Or not belonging
Or being weird
Or something is wrong with me
I’m not lovable

These monsters sit under my bed. I deal with them daily. I shine a flashlight under there. I connect to my higher self. I say to these limiting beliefs: hey... You're not welcome here anymore. Click To Tweet

#2 Create Peace, Joy and Happiness by Overcoming the Monsters

And this is what actually creates peace, joy and happiness for me!

There are days the monsters win… But they’re getting much less frequent… And they don’t get to stay very long anymore.

I love the opportunity to face these monsters. I’m grateful for the assholes who bring them to light for me. So I can keep shining my light and saying, “uh… Nope… Outta here mother fucker” to those limiting beliefs.

They are literally like monsters. They will grip me and wring my neck and make me do things against my will. I have literally learned to repeatedly slay them with my goddess sword.

It’s a beautiful thing… To learn the underlying stories and be able to spot them and slay them, moment by moment, day by day.

woman dancing, create the experience, how to deal with rejection

#3 Create the Experience of Being Rejected

It becomes even more beautiful when I create an experience of “being rejected” (or some other limiting belief) and I realize 2 things.

  1. I created it with my thoughts (although limiting). The law of attraction is ALWAYS working.
  2. I have the power to say, “nope. Not today. Although you (whoever you are) say I’m not good enough, that doesn’t define me or really mean anything. I know who I am.

What a cool freaking feeling.

To know the universe has always got my back. Click To TweetAnd to be able to face monsters prepared for battle. They don’t win anymore. My true self does. Regardless of the old voices in my head telling me otherwise.

What a cool feeling.

What are your monsters?

  • What are your limiting thoughts that keep you from being the true version of yourself?
  • What experiences and circumstances are you continuing to create so you can just keep that shit running and running?

I know that’s what I was doing.

I’m so done with that!

#4 Choose Your Actions (Don’t React Without Thinking)

If it’s true that the universe is always working for me… Why not choose the things, circumstances, feelings and experiences that feel amazing, light and freeing? If I choose that… Guess what I’ll get MORE of (according to the law of attraction/magnetism)?

I am choosing how to think.
How to respond.
What choices and decisions to make
And which actions to take

Then… It all just comes back at me like a boomerang.

What are you throwing out with your thoughts, feelings, choices and actions?

I bet you’re getting a bunch of that back. Do you want to learn more about on how to deal with rejection? Book your breakthrough session below! 


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