I was blessed again to do another craniosacral session that helped my client to learn how to deal with shame today that was just beautiful. Many of us were raised in dysfunctional homes. We learned to be quiet. Some of us had parents yell at each other “SHUT UP” which convinced us not to speak, even though they didn’t daily it to us. We got the message. We swallow down. We stop breathing. We stop feeling. We numb out. And the body stores the stories as pain, hidden, held pain, holding, holding, holding.

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How to Deal with Shame: F*CK YOU

And, as we touch these parts of ourselves (literally touch, with hands on and support from another), we return to our power. We get our voices back.




And we empower ourselves by breathing again.

Breathing our emotions. Breathing our feelings. Breathing our truth. 

We unlock our hearts for more expression and more expansion. And I was doubting that my work matters.

Never doubt yourself. 

You are beautiful, amazing, wonderful, worthy and important. Just as you are. Your gifts matter. What you have to say MATTERS!


I had 2 clients this week sending me their journals …

What an honor. To be let into the secret life of someone’s journal it brings me to tears of grace …


Both of these people were ashamed to share themselves. 

Both of them were remarkably beautiful beyond words. Bring you to tears of grace beautiful. 

One should seriously consider being a writer … it was fantastic artful expressive poetic beautiful messy real humanness … the kind of thing we are MISSING in the world. 


We aren’t fucking perfect.

We aren’t. We need to stop it now.

Stop trying to BE or DO something we are not!

I do it too …… it’s exhausting.

But I have tools to stop.

I have created an environment of friends and coaches and support. We need each other! To see ourselves. To see how incredibly beautiful we are …

God, we are beautiful.


Can You Imagine …

Can you imagine, that sometimes I think I have nothing important to say, no value, and don’t make a difference?!

There are times I still think that. It used to be my operating system. Now it’s just a bad habit that pops up when I’m not taking care of myself. 

I look at you, and I see you say these things to me. I can’t believe it. No, no, no, you are so BEAUTIFUL!



And I’ll let you see mine. 

I’m willing to be brave enough to shine every day. I’m hoping to light the way for you to do it too …. because god knows, I needed someone to do it for me too … 


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