Are you wondering how to find a true life partner? Do you want to find someone who gets you? Are you looking for someone who understands your anxiety? Find someone you can cry to (or with) and who understands that it’s your anxiety, or your depression, and not YOU.


How to Find a True Life Partner By Recognizing These 3 Crucial Signs Within You

Someone who sees your light at all times. But not someone who IS your light. That’s disempowering to you. Not someone who fixes you. You can “fix” yourself by loving and accepting yourself. When you love and accept yourself, with your anxiety (or any mental illness), you wont feel like a burden. You won’t feel annoying or like a problem.

#1 Knowing Your Value and Your Worth

woman looking into her reflexionYou will know your value and your worth, and even the gifts you have inside of you that your mental illness has taught you that others don’t have… Superpowers… Like empathy (ACOA), compassion (CODA), being present (addict), slowing down (depression), doing 50 things at once (ADHD), managing time efficiently (anxiety)… Etc…

#2 Finding Your Own Power

You don’t need to find a partner to fix you. You need a therapist/ coach/ or sponsor who has been there and can show you the way back to your own power, self love and selfcare.

#3 Pick a Partner Who is Like YOU

Then, you will automatically PICK a partner who does the same… Because you will resonate together.

Thank you Mike Nix for being all of this for me … It makes me cry knowing how we can do this for one another and how we are both so committed to learning how to love unconditionally, and allow the other to be fully expressed, no matter what that looks like. If you want to learn more on how to find your true life partner, sign up for a free breakthrough session with me!


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