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We often don’t know how to overcome feelings of abandonment in a relationship. We stay stuck in relationships that hurt us. We feel abandoned by these unhealthy relationships. We think someone else is abandoning us, but in reality, we stay with the people who abandon us out of habit.  When we live our lives in this drama, its exhausting and creates discord in the balance of work and life.

How Feelings of Abandonment in Relationships Disrupt Our Work Life Balance

Here is an example of how work life balance is disrupted when the buckets aren’t filled and you explore feelings of abandonment in a relationship:

In this example, dis-ease is caused in the bucket #1 (listening to our body and our own intuition), we aren’t loving ourselves (bucket #3) letting people treat us this way. We aren’t practicing self care (bucket #4) because if we were, we would have taken care of our abandonment wounds. We most definitely aren’t practicing boundaries (bucket #5) or the other person would have stopped the hurtful behavior.  (Click here for a free training on boundaries). 

We Teach Others How to Treat Us

When we don’t love ourselves, we will let them wound us by taking advantage of us, abusing us, or abandoning us.


So, How Can You Overcome Feelings of Abandonment in a Relationship?

The first step is to realize:
I am the only one who can abandon me. Click To Tweet


Four Crucial Lessons to Learn if You Want to Overcome Feelings of Abandonment in a Relationship:

1.) Don’t go looking for love in a broken down, old, empty shack. No one’s home, and you can’t find love there.  

2). Learning to let go of what I can’t fix.

3.) Stop looking for love from someone who doesn’t give it to themselves, and can’t forgive themselves or others for the past. The past is to teach us, not to harm us and hold us back. 

4.) Forgiving your past blocks that stop you from abundance and being open to love in your future.



What can you do to help yourself?

If you struggle with letting go of some story or wrong that was caused to you in your past, it’s ok to get help. 

If you want to overcome feelings of abandonment in a relationship but don’t know how, a therapist, a coach, a practice, personal development course can help you … whatever you need to move on. 

You deserve it.  You deserve your freedom.  You deserve love.  Not crumbs.

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