Imagine every morning, and every evening, taking just a few minutes of time to yourself.

When I talk to my coaching clients, who are busy moms and tired out working people, I find that we keep ourselves so BUSY. In this age of electronics, where we thought that we would be making our lives simpler, we discover that we are more STRESSED out and anxious than ever before! Why is this?

I don’t know about you, but I find myself, from the first moment of the day, to the last, on my phone, checking my e-mail, reading facebook etc. I take work EVERYWHERE with me, and, as a healer it was time for something to shift.

Someone told me to wake up and hour early and do what I’m best at for that hour…

Hmmmmmm… What could I do? I couldn’t write music, I’d wake the household. Maybe I could brainstorm for my coaching business? Maybe I could write poetry? Maybe I could write out some handouts for my massage clients? But none of that would come that early in the morning, I was too tired maybe, or just not inspired.

I ended up reading a document for a friend about meditation, and how healers, coaches and speakers don’t take time for themselves, so I decided to start meditating at sunrise.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just start meditating. I’ve been meditating since I was 16 years old (that’s over 20 years of you who are wondering what that could mean, since I’m so YOUNG-looking ;-). But, there have been dry spots in my life, where I just wasn’t focused enough, or taking enough care of myself, or to put it straight and simply, just plain self-sabbotaging.

When I take time to meditate, I channel, I get connected with Great Spirit, with God, with Jesus, with all of the masters from the past and the future, in that space where I can see everything, and I know everything, and realize that what I think “my life” is, is really just something I created out of nothing.

When I meditate, I get to be QUIET, and just listen. And if you’ve met me, you’re aware I like to be the one talking.

And, in the quiet, in the NO-THING-NESS, there is peace, there is purpose. There is power and intention. There is everything in the universe accessible to us. There are other people’s thoughts. There is vibration. There is the dissection of the tiny molecules in our bodies that are reproducing, and healing can take place in the NO-THING-NESS. This is what I teach my coaching clients! I teach them to find their innate power, their innate purpose, their innate voice.

I’m like the Cobbler with no shoes.

Well, it was time to make shoes.

So I started a Sunrise and a Sunset Meditation. I’m not perfect about it. But I love it. I love the idea of starting my day speaking into my unlimited power and potential. I get to create whatever I want with the day. I get to create peace and happiness, or grogginess and irritation. (I usually pick peace and happiness 😉 I get to RE-WRITE all that noise in my head. All of that TRASH TALK that gets me down, and tells me I’m not enough, not good enough, smart enough, or lovable enough. I get to speak into my greatness. I get to feel the first rays of light on my face. I get to be PART OF the CREATION of the day.

And at the end of the day, I get to relax into what I have created. I get to be present to what has occurred. I get to celebrate my successes with myself. I get to tap into the collective consciousness and see what is unbalanced,who is hurting, and what I get to shift tomorrow to balance that. (That’s what us healers think about – do you think about that too?). I get to be proud of myself, and acknowledge myself, and realize that I am enough.

It’s a beautiful and wonderful feeling. To be the one in charge of me. To really take control of those negative thoughts, and really start creating the life that I say I want.

I remember hearing a story of a golfer who went to jail for 8 years, and every day, he practiced his golf swing in his mind. He could see the ball going in the hole. And when he got out of jail, he had dramatically improved his golf score. Sorry, I don’t remember the data and specifics. I also remember hearing a friend of mine give me the same statistics for a basketball player who would imagine swooshing free-throws, and improving his game that way.

What we imagine, we create, it becomes reality. What are your thoughts creating?

If you are in an unhappy relationship, perhaps that’s what you want? Otherwise, how did you get there? And why are you still there? If you are unhappy in your job, maybe that’s what you want? If you keep losing your job, perhaps you are creating that?

Start with meditation. Start by creating your own reality. It’s amazing. Try it out.

Here’s a short video explaining a little more about what my intention is for the meditations. Check it out!