Do you want to learn how to say no? I’ve been working on my “NO!” for 11 years. I remember when a therapist told me, “you don’t have to go back home to St Louis just because your parents are asking you to come home for the holiday.” I remember looking at her like, “WHAT?”  It was the FIRST time someone had given me PERMISSION to say NO to my parents and it was 2008. I was 31 years old. I was married with 2 kids. And I was introduced to saying NO to my parents.


How to Say No to Others and YES to What You Really Want

A lot has transpired since the introduction and the reassurance that saying no to my parents was and is OK.

Using My Voice

I now use my voice. I find my no. I speak my truth.

It’s taken YEARS.

And sometimes, I still cannot feel my no until 10 minutes too late.

But at least I find it. It is so important to learn how to hear yourself. It is so important to take time to listen. Listen to those voices in your head.

  • Whose voices are they?
  • Are they your parents telling you NO! You cannot do this, you cannot be that, you are a disgrace, you are lazy, you are annoying??
  • Are you going to let them talk to you that way?

a woman holding no sign, how to say no

Don’t Talk to Me Like That


We didn’t learn it was OK to say these things.


You Have My Permission to Say NO

I give you permission to tell your parents “no.” Even if they’re not in the room. Even if they’re dead. Even if they’re just in your head. I give you permission to tell them “NO.”

Getting Physically Sick to Avoid Saying No

One way of saying “no” to someone that you cannot say “no” to is to get sick.

  • If you are sick, you cannot clean your room!
  • If you are sick, you cannot go to school!
  • If you are sick, you can’t do those things that they’re asking you to do that you don’t want to do.
This is all subconscious, and it can form adult pattern of inter-relating. Share on X

If you’re sick, and you have dis-ease, ask yourself, to whom am I having trouble saying no??


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