somebody draws a mind map to show the process of business growth, 4 easy ways to make your business growth a reality

Business growth in a company is defined by the ability to make money.  This happens in three main ways.

  • First: having happy customers
  • Second: reducing employee turnover
  • Third: management and owners being open to ideas and innovations of employees in the “trenches.”  

Preventing Successful Culture, Leadership, and Happy Customers

1) The inability to deal with conflict
2) Not knowing how to develop a strong culture
3) Not effectively communicating or listening to other employees to create a win-win for both employees and the company and finally
4) Not developing leaders.

Happy Customers

female customer looking through the offered goods, 4 Easy Ways to Make Your Business Growth a RealityFinancial success in a business happens when customers continuously return, repeatedly, to make purchases.  The customers are happy when there is excellent customer service.  Excellent customer service comes from a happy employee.  Happy employees come from workplaces with a fantastic culture.  Happy, content employees are easier to retain and help create and/or increase business growth for your company.

Employee Turnover and the Negative Effects that Restrict Business Growth

One of the biggest COSTS to a company is employee turnover.  It takes time, money and energy to find and recruit superior talent that matches the company’s culture and fit their needs.  That time, money, and energy could have otherwise been invested into enhancing the current culture.  This in turn makes the current employees, into whom the company has already made an investment, much happier.  Imagine redirecting the money, effort and time it takes to FIND, HIRE and TRAIN a new employee, back INTO the company.  That is a form of compound interest.


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It is the responsibility of the leaders of the company to create a blossoming culture. Millennials expect increased options and opportunities than previous employees, which leaders need to be able to keep up with. In order to recruit the best of the best, the CULTURE of the company needs to be outstanding. This is what draws and attracts the millenials. People want to feel comfortable, acknowledged and seen for their efforts. Often, just a simple acknowledgment has an employee bloom. This can be done by creating a context of leadership within the company that is OPEN and receptive to the ideas of the next generation. The end goal is financial success of a company, but the new employees are demanding much more internal respect and humanness. This comes from the context of the culture and moral of the company, which in turn will end up boosting sales, which of course leads to the intended outcome, increased revenue.

4 Reasons Businesses Lose Money, Employees and Customers

1) Inability to Deal with Conflict

  • BAD IDEA: SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG. Although this is a common way of handling conflict at home, the bad behavior doesn’t just simply stop when it is ignored. Instead, it gnaws at the culture, and instead, comes out at an inappropriate times, as in, when dealing with a customer.
  • The stress of 2 people who are in conflict can take the company’s energy, focus, and time.  The company ends up spending too much energy, focus and time on the people who are in conflict, not to mention, the tension that is created with the other employees in the workplace. Environment is everything. An unhealthy environment creates unhealthy people, with increased sickness, disease, and time off, which inevitably is a loss to the company. It is human nature to take sides, which of course, causes increased stress and conflict between other employees as the workplace divides to support the person with whom they have a stronger relationship.  
  • business growth and success, team workLearning how to Communicate Effectively: Many people in management do not have effective skills for win-win negotiating with employees.  Meeting with individuals separately is called “triangulating’ in psychology, and only leads to characterization, rumors and stories.  Then, management is left to be the “judge” and someone will get hurt.  Bringing the employees in and using effective communication skills to achieve a win-win is necessary.  Being able to effectively navigate a power struggle is especially important.
  • Management redirects the power struggle by removing the item the team is fighting about until they can come to some kind of win-win negotiating.  Using specific examples of what is needed in the agreement, for instance, “I need Bill to utilize my strategy when implementing x,y,z by Tuesday for a test run.  If it doesn’t work, we can resort back to the old way.”  Once the team has come to some written agreements, they get back to work.  Recognize they have come to an agreement, and that a change has been made.  Make a concrete plan that they both agree to and feel good about.
  • Not choosing favorites. This causes resentment and revenge among employees, not just the employees involved, and will result in a financial loss.
  • Both parties are encouraged and celebrated for their individual successes.
  • Follow up.  The follow up is imperative.  This encourages the team to keep playing at 100%, and gives recognition for work done, and also opportunities to hash out any other disagreements that have come up.


 2) Not Knowing How to Develop a Strong CULTURE

  • Building a culture starts with hiring.  Knowing exactly what kind of candidate a company is looking for, that will fit in with the ideal culture that has been laid out, is the beginning of building culture.  You can not alter someone’s personal culture much.  You can shift the workplace environment. 
  • By knowing the 10 major strengths and characteristics of your company’s culture, interviewing and hiring candidates that fit that culture is ideal.  If these characteristics are not laid out and defined, the culture will be weak, and the employees will be unhappy, leading to reduced sales. 

 3) Not EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATING or Listening to Other Employees to Create a Win-Win for Both Employees and The Company.

  • There are very specific communication techniques that can be learned and applied in creating win-win situations for all employees on the team, the management, the company and the customer.  Actively listening, using validation and mirroring is a technique that not only leads to effective communication, but also boosts morale because employees feel hear, validated, and important.


  • Most human beings are looking for where the grass is greener… and as we all know, it usually appears to be on the other side!  Management overlooks this.  Keeping employees happy doesn’t mean just allowing them to do their jobs, it means allowing them to influence the movement of the company, and also be compensated for that.  Not every employee will want a leadership role, but having the opportunity to move up in the company is what many people are looking for.  Employers that are creating an opportunity for the employee to do more than just “their job” but also are allowed to be a contribution to the establishment will also increase morale and culture.

  • Businesses that are not open to refining upcoming leaders and management are doomed to fail.  Missing the opportunity to grow a new leader is missing a financial opportunity and business growth for the company.
  • Acknowledging employees success and allowing them to express themselves is one of the most important pieces of creating morale and employee happiness.  Validating and acknowledging them can be more beneficial than financial compensation or benefits.

The success and growth of a company, and the happiness of it’s employees, can be found in morale, culture, and management of a business.

Resolving conflict, creating a strong culture, effective communication and the opportunity for advancement are ways to create business growth, company success and team growth.

Management who knows how to redirect power struggles between employees and can keep employees happy,  will keep the company having not only abundant success, but also an environment that is a pleasure to work in.



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