Meet Heather, Trauma and Relationship Coach

My personal mission as a trauma and relationship coach is to create PEACE on earth in my lifetime.  I am committed to doing this in a multitude of ways!

External Peace in the world starts with the peace that we create in ourselves. 

As we create this internal peace, though loving ourselves, compassion, forgiveness of the self and others, we can start learning the interesting and dynamic field of interpersonal relationships and creating peace in our homes, and work environments.

The work begins INSIDE of you. 

You then exude peace OUT into your world, and the better you know yourself, the easier it is to interact and communicate with others.

Many times, our relationships are struggling because we are unaware of what we are doing that is negatively affecting them, and we don’t know how to change.  Oftentimes, people take a personal development course, and learn the TOOLS, but then use them as weapons against their loved ones, instead of applying them to themselves.  

In order to BECOME AWARE of your blocks and your denial, trauma and relationship coach Heather will teach you how to reconnect with your true self, with your soul, and your dreams and desires.

How did Heather learn all of this!?  How will you know it will work for you? 
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Who is Heather Hundhausen?

Heather Hundhausen is an empathic, intuitive, trauma and relationship coach and body-mind therapist. Her vivacious, loving energy is apparent in the body-mind therapy work that she does with each and every client. Her clients have described her as extremely knowledgeable, professional, and above all else, a safe space.


Personal Mission:

mission Heather’s personal mission is to create a world of unconditional love and acceptance, where no one has to hide, people work together to create win-win solutions and everyone can be their true authentic self. Her personal mantra is “I create peace in the world.”


Learning to Read:

Heather often refers to fully understanding our true authentic selves as “learning to read” your body. This is her story of how she learned to read:

child At the very young age of 6, Heather heard God speak to her and tell her she was going to help heal the world. Her life’s path took her on an amazing journey of learning through a challenging childhood, spiritual teachers, camp counselors, prophetic ministers, therapists, personal development coaches and life teachers who each taught her valuable lessons about how to be a whole and complete, fully-vibrating person. Heather is determined to use her immense knowledge base to help transform others lives with her intense, compassionate, healing abilities as a body-worker, coach, parenting instructor, workshop facilitator and speaker.

Transformation Begins…

Her love for bodywork began in her teenaged years. Amazed at the healing ability inside of her, she practiced energy therapy, chakra alignment and meditation with everyone who would let her work on them! In 1999, she began her extremely successful journey as a licensed massage therapist, veering away from the spiritual energy work, and into the concrete, physical world of structural re-alignment, Neuromuscular and Trigger Point therapy. These therapies are very well researched and documented, and she had amazing success in the releasing of pain for many clients. But something interesting occurred…

Because she had the honor of working with many families in their homes, she was able to see how the dysfunction in the family, not only structurally, but emotionally and mentally affected people’s health. Through intuition and years of practicing energy medicine, and by working as trauma and relationship coach, she could feel how spouses carried each other’s pain energetically, and parent’s carry their children’s pain.

Discovering the Mind

Heather dedicated herself to whole body healing and pursued the mental and emotional aspects of why people have pain. Heather completed her degree in Mental Health Therapy with a specialist in Marriage and Family. The combination of the knowledge of energy work, bodywork, and mental health issues makes Heather’s knowledge base extremely wide.

Parenting our children, Parenting ourselves:

In her determination to help people release their pain, and to heal herself, Heather discovered an amazing workshop to heal families of their disconnect. She attained her certification to be a Parenting Facilitator and with her entrepreneurial, vivacious spirit started her own business, with her Partner Rachel Payne, called Peaceful, Loving Parenting. Together, they facilitate a course called Redirecting Children’s Behavior.

This ignited Heather’s true love and passion as a speaker and a workshop facilitator. Years of acting and singing from the stage prepared her for her career in front of people, speaking to hundreds of people, about vulnerable, intimate information, such as taking charge of your health, diving into your soul, discovering who you were meant to be, and to help you start living authentically connected.

Putting it all together:

By faith alone, Heather listened to her intuition, and to God, and through prayer and surrender, released herself from everything and everyone in her life that wasn’t supporting her living by faith and at 100% vibrational energy. She started her business through the power of intention alone, and has a blossoming Body-Mind therapy practice in South Florida and international trauma and relationship coach business. Working with her 1-on-1 is a life-changing experience.

Using her years of psychology training, personal development experience, work as a massage therapist and workshop facilitator, Heather has put together a system to help others find their true potential by teaching people how to HEAR their bodies to find their intuition and reconnect to the divine inside of them.

Heather offers Transformational Body-Mind Therapy in one on one sessions, trauma and relationship coach services via Skype or phone, a life changing 12-week coaching program for self-love and empowerment, an e-book journal (not yet available), and a 2 day parenting course that will teach you how to connect deeply in relationships and keep aggravating and annoying people out of your life.