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Are you ready to STOP feeling like crap? Are you ready to let your body HEAL and learn more about mind body healing? INFORMATION IS POWER! And today, I am going to give you some really POWERFUL information that can, if you let it, change your life forever, BLOW YOUR MIND, and get you up off the couch.

Ask yourself RIGHT NOW,

  • Where is your self love?
  • Do you honor yourself?
  • Do you respect yourself?
  • Do you do what you know is RIGHT for you, every time?
  • Do you let other people know what’s going on for you, so you can be taken care of by others?
  • Do you let others TRULY SEE YOU, because you feel so good about yourself, that you WANT THEM to see you. ALL of you. Even the messy parts.
  • Are you MADLY in love with your messy parts?

Today’s topic mind body healing in my Me Time video series is an interesting one. We are going to talk about what’s happening INSIDE your body that you don’t have any access to. Information that is processing without you even knowing it, but it’s keeping you eating high fat, high calorie content foods, and keeping you feeling depressed.

I am a body, mind healer, Heather Hundhausen where we are going to talk about How to Actively Repair the Body.
I know as a powerful, world changing woman, I know that catching a little time for yourself can be a challenge, and this is where SELF LOVE really comes in. You see, in order to PICK OURSELVES UP, we need to start by LOVING OURSELVES FIRST. You have seen in some of my other blog posts about how INNER CHILD HEALING is important because you can get rid of that negative programming from childhood that is not serving you (my personal favorite from my childhood, that I just heard the last time I spoke with my father on the phone is “work is hard.”) Well, we aren’t going to GET ANYWHERE with that old language inside us, so the best place for us to start is LEARNING new things, so we can change those old beliefs.

MIND BODY HEALING: How to actively repair your body and avoid depression

Let’s look at 10 million years of DNA evolving.

You’ve got the CAVEMAN… now, I’m NOT going to go into the DEEP SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH here today, if you are interested in this information, you can grab a couple of books called: Healthy at 100 and Younger Next Year.

Anyway, here is the layman’s summary. The easy explanation for why we are feeling worse and worse every day, not better and better.

Check this out.

Imagine its WINTER and you’re a caveman.

You’re all snuggled up with your 50-500 tribe mates, into a tiny cave, or dwelling of some kind. (You only have as many people in there as can fit! That’s why it’s a small, yet larger number – You’re cramming them in.)

It’s tight in there. There isn’t much room. And it’s freaking cold. And the closer you are with those around you, the warmer you are.

So you pack in close.

But don’t forget, these are PEOPLE, and the worst kind of people…… your FAMILY members!

Imagine being piled on top of your family members in a tight space for a couple of months.

Sounds terrible, right?

And, if that’s not terrible enough, there’s not enough food, and its freaking freezing.

Like, shivering cold, no heaters, maybe a fire somewhere, like the entrance. Oh, and there’s NO FOOD. Because its dead of winter, and its barren and cold.

Well… our DNA set us up to win…We STOP MOVING.

This TRIGGERS our brain to say “IT’S WINTER!!!”

Our brain doesn’t react to us SEEING winter or FEELING winter, like the SHIVERING from the cold… it doesn’t use our senses at all. Our brain knows it’s WINTER when we STOP MOVING.

So… what does WINTER mean to the brain?

Well, 10 million years of DNA evolving learned that when we stop moving, it’s winter.


What Does Our Brain Know About Mind Body Healing?

Imagine … there is NO FOOD, and there are lots of PEOPLE close by.

What better survival mechanism than for us to get MILDLY DEPRESSED?

It’s genius, really.

Because, when you are mildly depressed, you crave HIGH FAT, HIGH CALORIE content food, so you can survive winter, and when you are mildly depressed, you don’t CARE that 5 people are sitting on you.

Actually, you release oxytocin from the close physical contact, and that’s what keeps you from going into a MAJOR depression! (Chemically speaking).


Pretty neat right? It gets better.

What Happens When You Stop Moving?

So, when you STOP MOVING, and your body now knows ITS WINTER, it also stops “wasting” energy.

Everything slows down, and it doesn’t “fix” anything that isn’t a necessity.

For instance, a cut, bruise, scrape, sprain, broken bone (god forbid) slows down greatly.

It doesn’t stop completely, but it uses as LITTLE effort as possible, because it’s using all available calories to keep you from FREEZING and STARVING to death.

So, what happens when SPRING TIME comes!?

You guessed it! Everyone is out looking for food!

They are doing LOTS of walking, some short sprints, carrying things, fixing the dwelling, etc…

Once you start moving, the chemicals in your brain start saying OH YAY! SPRINGTIME! And they INSTANTLY start shift! Your body works as hard as it can to repair you as fast as it can, because it knows that the better shape you are in, the more food you can eat, to put enough muscle on to get the food you need to survive the next winter!


Photo by Robert Collins on unsplash

You Are Depressed BECAUSE You Stopped Moving …

You are depressed because you STOPPED MOVING. Your brain said, “oh no, it’s winter. Look for high fat, high calorie food, get mildly depressed, and don’t repair your body.”

Then you sat there, on the couch, binge watching your favorite show, wondering why you are getting fatter and fatter, feeling worse and worse, and more and more depressed.

Well, now you know.

Photo by Alex Boyd on Unsplash


Mind Body Healing Starts When You Start Moving

The research shows that if you move 45 minutes at 80% of your hearts capacity EACH AND EVERY DAY, that you will not only REPAIR everything in your body, but that you will also stop feeling depressed, and eat healthier!

So, here’s where self love comes in. Are you willing to do it? Are you willing to MAKE TIME to move CAVEMAN!

You better freaking move.

Or you’re going to get old and dead way before you’re old and dead. It’s not worth it. Don’t use your kids as an excuse or your work as an excuse or your spouse… Don’t do it. Make them go with you.

Photo by Erik Dungan on Unsplash

Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

We live a VERY sedentary lifestyle. Our kids don’t even play anymore. They took away playtime at school, and now our kids sit down and use electronics.

We need to MOVE our bodies. 45 minutes of intense exercise every day.

Are you worth it!?


Who wants homework that you can work on to tangibly make this happen in your life?

HOMEWORK For Mind Body Healing:

  • Chase a squirrel. I’m kidding. But, at least go play. Dance. Move. Workout. Get your heart pumping. Play chase with your kids.
  • And if you’re going to sit on the couch, do it AFTER you’ve moved your body, and make sure someone is sitting right on top of you.

I appreciate you!! THANK YOU for joining me!
Of course, if you want more information on how exactly to do this right now, you can work with me one on one. Sign up for my free breakthrough session!

I DO BODY MIND HEALING and THERAPY with people who are holding too much tightness in their bodies.

  • You can experience it locally through touch, or remotely through visualization and hypnosis.
  • I can show you how to let go, let those old emotional blocks come up and out, and how to love yourself again so you can be free.
  • I am creating workshops over the summer to teach self-love, and will be offering an on-line workshop in a few months, so stay tuned!