Transformational Life Coaching – How to Create Work Life Balance, Peace, Fulfillment and Happiness to Overcome Depression, Loneliness, and Being Overwhelmed

Heather Hundhausen, Transformational Life Coaching Program - How to Create Work Life Balance, Peace, Fulfillment and Happiness to Overcome Depression, Loneliness, and Being OverwhelmedTransformational life coaching is for you if you have you run out of options and just can’t do it anymore. Start creating work life balance today to overcome perfectionism, fear of failure, and being overwhelmed.

Many people don’t often consider how self-love coaching can affect their business.

“What on earth does self-love have to do with my business,” you may ask yourself?

Deep in our core are our beliefs about how the world works, who we are in it, and what we deserve from it.




These beliefs are so ingrained, we think they are truth, or facts. And our outside results or consequences prove to us, time and time again, that our beliefs are true.

But can you imagine a brand new life?

Can you imagine having such a profound breakthrough, that the next level is easily attainable?

man staying in front of the night sky, symbolizing the power of subconscious reprogrammingWith subconscious reprogramming, and the tools I’m going to teach you in this coaching program, or with hypnosis, we can move you out of your comfort zone with ease in as little as 3 sessions.

We just simply rewrite your belief system.

And once it’s rewritten, you operate out of it as if it’s real.




Your consciousness is always creating your reality; therefore, your beliefs are creating your external world.

If you don’t think you are deserving, you will not get what you deserve.

And if you have low self-worth, then you will not believe you’re worthy of having what you want.

And you continue to self sabotage so you can’t get it…

Are you ready to get everything you want? Sound impossible?

It isn’t.

I have broken through so many levels personally in the last year it’s unmistakable. And there’s always a next level.

 people in the shade, holding up their fingers to  spell love, symbolizing the power of overcoming limiting beliefs through loveIn 2 months this year I made almost my entire income of last year! I give credit largely to hypnosis and coaching with a coach who knew how to talk straight to my limiting beliefs and shift them in the conversation.

I have created my program for my transformational life coaching clients as well. The process works.

Are you ready to change your life through transformational life coaching?


Imagine loving yourself so deeply, that you completely and utterly accept all of your shame,
Shadow Self, ugly parts, unacceptable parts, and things you just didn’t want anyone else to know.

Imagine that these thoughts become erased, and are replaced with thoughts of acceptance and love.

We aren’t getting rid of the bad parts.

  • They will always be part of us.
  • We just learn how to accept them and love them.
  • And we learn how to be compassionate and extend gratitude towards those who showed us our darkness, so we could find our light.

Replacing old beliefs such as:

  • not enough,
  • not smart enough,
  • not worthy enough,
  • not good enough,
  • not perfect enough,
  • not woman enough,
  • not powerful enough…
  • With loving thoughts and accepting yourself fully.

Imagine it.

Imagine what it would feel like to not hear those conversations being in charge of you anymore. Instead you hear something new.

  • You hear something loving.
  • You hear something encouraging.
  • You are inspired to go for it.
  • You’re brave.
  • You stand up for yourself.
  • You get your needs met.
  • You finally feel wholly and completely loved.

There’s nothing you cannot achieve. Everything is possible with love.

Many of us have never experienced pure, unconditional love.

I’m going to show you what it feels like. You will never forget it. You will bask in it every day.

Are you ready to start transforming your life today?

If you’re not ready now, I want you to ask yourself what is the next level for you?

blonde haired girl looking up in the sky, symbolizing the question what's holding you back from reaching your goals

What do you would want or need to take you to the next level?

What’s happening right now that’s not working?

What is it that’s holding you back?

Do you know how to get rid of what’s holding you back? How long have you been holding it?



How much longer are you willing to suffer and struggle?

How much longer are you going to forebode joy?

When will you be ready to step into your grace?

What are the prices you’re paying to not move into that now?

What are the prices your family is paying?

glass windows in an old building, bouquet of flowers in the corner, symbolizing the question what's your next level


For me, before I learned love, and to give myself attention and acceptance, I cause a lot of chaos in everyone else’s lives. I had a need to prove myself. I had a need to be right.

This caused a lot of trouble in my relationships. It caused me an inability to connect with my clients and customers. Everyone suffered everywhere.

Now, it’s incredible how often I hear that I’m the safest person others have in their lives. That they truly have never felt loved the way they feel loved with me, and then quickly with themselves.

And that’s a testament to the power of commitment to self-love.

I look in the mirror now and I see a beautiful woman that I love. I used to look in the mirror and hate that woman. I used to try to imagine that she was someone she’s not, someone I could possibly accept and love. Someone that others might someday accept and love. Someone who might be worthy of love someday if I could just do enough things right.

I’m done with that crap.

It affected my kids, ruined my marriage, and held me back from incredible relationships in business and wealth.

sun set with trees and creek in the front, symbolizing the journey of finding your purposeThere’s always still more to work on, and I’ll tell you, it’s amazing to wake up and be inspired to live my life and my purpose, never feeling alone, because I know I’ve got me to love and depend on.

Knowing all the people in relationships I’m connected with.

And also increasing my connection to my higher power.



I even bought myself roses this week!

This feeling is remarkable.
Do you want some?

Then let’s get moving.

It doesn’t cost you anything to have a
free breakthrough session with me.

What are you waiting for?

The world wants the beautifully authentic you. Are you going to give yourself to it?


6 Month Coaching Program

The 6 month program is designed to be a deep dive into every area of your belief system and psyche that prevents you from having the life you want now.
We have weekly video calls for 1 hour, of experiential, transformational coaching.
We cover :
  • Neurological pathways and responses.
  • Feelings, and what to do with the bad ones and anxiety.
  • Boundaries and how to deal with anger.
  • Self-love. Self-care. Inner child work and relationships.
  • Shadow work.
  • Various experiential and imagination techniques will be employed to bring dysfunctional non-beneficial patterns to the surface and facilitate their release.
  • Law of attraction and creating your ultimate dream life.
Along with the coaching, you will also receive unlimited text/ email support, weekly homework assignments, and accountability.

Take Heather to Lunch … You will be grateful you did! I’ve been blessed over the last several years, to develop a great relationship with Heather. Just when I need it most, she reaches in and pushes the right buttons.

I’ve taken her to lunch or dinner on multiple occasions, and each time, it’s Epic!

The last time, her and I were at a dinner together, a guest at the table left with a coach (Heather), a business plan, a kick in the ass, and feeling better about his future than he probably ever had. And this dude has yet to do any of the trainings. 

Imagine what you, a grad, will get out of sitting with one of the most connected, talented, loving spirits who is more well-rounded, educated, and well versed then most “coaches”, “captains” or “trainers” you know. She hasn’t just been through one modality of educations, she’s been to several, and has excelled at all of them.

If you’ve read this far, you know it’s true, and you know it’s time.

Make the appointment, ask her where she wants to go for lunch or dinner, and invest in yourself, and be ready for the ride.

You’re worth it!

Kris Carter