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headshot Heather Hundhausen, offering Hypnosis Services in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and online hypnosis sessions

What makes our hypnosis services different? Many people think of strange things when they hear the word hypnosis. Hypnosis is NOT: mind-control, making you dance like Madonna, turning you into something you are not.

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Our Hypnosis Services Provide You An Amazing Way To Reprogram Your Blocks

We have LIMITING BELIEFS.  An EVENT happens in our life (the events in childhood have a longer lasting effect) and from this event, we form beliefs.

It could be as simple as a 4-year-old not receiving a cookie before dinner, and the parent responds in a harsh tone to not ask for cookies before dinner ever again and is sent to their room. 

This child could make up that they are unlovable, undeserving, not important, not heard, don’t matter etc …  When those thoughts come into our minds, then we try to gather evidence to prove that they are TRUE!  So, the child will start to look for more ways they are unloved, not valuable, underserving etc…  When we look for something, we can generally find it.

With more and more evidence, this LIMITING BELIEF becomes a TRUTH for this person, and will live their lives from this perspective: I am unlovable, undeserving, etc….  This is obviously not helpful.

In our hypnosis services, we reprogram this limiting belief.  We can reprogram it using subconscious affirmations, and/or regressions.

Using Regressions To Re-Write Limiting Beliefs As Part Of Our Hypnosis Services

Regressions are a powerful way to re-write limiting beliefs.  Using empathy, compassion, creativity and a myriad of other techniques and tools, we will rewrite your beliefs to be whatever you want them to be.

  • Want to stop smoking?  Then sign up
  • Want to stop sabotaging yourself in business and relationships?  Then sign up
  • Want to stop attracting the WRONG person for you, and start attracting the RIGHT one?  Then sign up!!

The possibilities with hypnosis are endless.  And it is the QUICKEST WAY I have found yet, to release, rewrite old beliefs, and start doing something new.

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