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Massage therapy has AMAZING BENEFITS and INSTANT RESULTS.  Many people walk into Heather Hundhausen’s  Pembroke Pines massage therapy office saying that they either saying they have tried everything and nothing will help, or they didn’t believe that massage therapy could work and they walk out FEELING BETTER.

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“Good morning. I wanted you to know that last night was the first time I have slept through the night without taking any pain meds in a very long time. I honestly cried!”


“I have dealt with degenerative lower back/tailbone (Coccydynia) pain for years & have literally tried everything in an effort to remedy…. cortisone injections, intense physical therapy, stretching, acupuncture, medication, hydrotherapy and regular deep tissue massage –none of which worked. Out of sheer desperation & luck, I stumbled on Heather through a YouTube Video posted by Eric Dalton who specializes in Coccydynia pain relief. I drilled down into his website and found Heather as a LMT that specialized in some of Dalton’s techniques. Fast forward several months and I have now been seeing Heather weekly for 1 hour sessions. My pain has diminished and overall I feel much healthier. Heather takes a holistic approach to her practice. She does extensive research and prepares a “game-plan” that is uniquely tailored to each client. During our first several sessions, Heather would regularly probe, ask reflective questions and share research on her findings specific to my condition. It almost felt like she had taken my pain as personal challenge to cure and wouldn’t be satisfied until we made real progress together. Her work space is convenient, safe, quiet and exudes relaxation. Heather is responsive, flexible and very accommodating to my ever-fluctuating schedule. She is much more than a LMT and the value you get with her is hard to put a price tag on….she offers thoughtful insight on so many different topics and has a very positive outlook on life. Sometimes I want to just be pampered and relax, others times its purely medicinal, and often times we chat the entire session about our kids, relationship and a broad range of random topics! She’s a sponge and her positive energy is infectious. I’m thankful for Heather’s friendship and the pain relief she provides!”

Respectfully, Bryan P. DeCort, Senior Vice President

Heather doesn’t use traditional, relaxing massage.  She uses Structural Realignment which is a combination of many medical therapies that work on not only aligning the person’s body back into physical alignment, but she also uses body-mind techniques to make sure the person has long-lasting benefits.  The body wants to be back in it’s natural state of alignment.  Often, we are too busy to stressed to take time to align it ourselves.  This is where Heather comes in.

Heather has managed to convert many non-believers into regular, long-standing clients, some willing to travel over an hour to come visit her weekly for the pain-relief benefits she provides.

The client’s body will be read during intake and a plan to structurally realign the body will be designed and formulated for the client after the initial session.

Heather Hundhausen is a massage therapist who has completed Basic and Advanced Myofascial Alignment Technique classes with Erik Dalton, and is certified in multiple types of Thai massage.  She is recently certified in Cranio-sacral release from the Upledger Institute.

As a massage therapist, Heather has completed many courses since 1999 dealing with

  • Trigger Point Release including
  • NMT,
  • CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and
  • working directly from the Travell-SImons Trigger point book for over a decade.

“If you really want a great massage, do not think about the money it will cost, think about the better life you will be living afterwards which means you actually took care of yourself! Bet you take better care of your car than you do yourself, right? Go get a massage that will change your life for the best.”

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“Today I had the honor of going to Heather Hundhausen for pressure point work. She started in my shoulders and neck and spent the entire hour there releasing points I didn’t even know I had. I constantly hold my shoulders and neck tight and she was able to help release some major points. I don’t think she realized the amount of work I needed until she had me on the table and said “wow”! Looking forward to working with her healing hands more!”

~Michelle Reynolds

“Q: How does one spell “relief”? A: Today, I spell it Heather Hundhausen, LMT. Just completed a 90 minute session. I’ve had in excess of 400 massages, worldwide. Heather is intuitive, gifted and most definitely earns the description of healer. I feel magnificent. Now, in full disclosure, I am not 100% pain free – I arrived pretty messed up from work, long ago injuries and recent trip and fall accidents – SO, given the amount of pain I was experiencing and how I now feel, I am so very grateful for her magic hands, and heart. More work to be in progress!! Thank you Heather!”

Sandra Baer

“Today Heather Hundhausen worked me and after one short session I really feel some relief! My shoulders are down where they belong. I can roll my shoulders without hearing the grinding of knots. My neck feels less tight and to me these are incredible results. Also…her professional space has very calming energy. She puts a lot into creating that for her clients. You’ll feel it when you walk in (if you are receptive to that). Heather is also an intuitive healer with deep knowledge of body AND she is just beautiful from the inside out! When you meet her, you will get me. Contact her for your next appointment. She’s amazing!”

~Ma Deva Roshani (Patricia)

“Heather literally healed muscle and nerve pain running up and down my leg following injuries I was to stubborn to take care of. Trigger point therapy was definitely one of the top 3 health philosophies I have ever learned out of the dozens and dozens of healers I’ve had the opportunity to meet and learn from. I could barely drive for 15 minutes, it was starting to get dangerous. Seriously blessed for everything you’ve taught me about recovery.”

~Andres Ospina, marketing expert for the health and wellness field