woman holding her hands in front of her eyes to hide, opening the skeletons in the closet

WELCOME TO THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY ME TIME!! Everybody needs a little ME TIME! I want to acknowledge you for taking a few minutes today for yourself. We are going to talk about those NASTY SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET.

As a powerful, world changing woman, I know that catching a little time for yourself can be a challenge, and I promise to deliver BIG INFO  that will support you in de-cluttering that icky mess inside of you. Photo by Rhett Wesley on unsplash.com

I help guide women like you, who are struggling between Being in Control and SURRENDER to create their OWN LIGHT which of course, influences the world around them.


Surrender to your own inner light. You can be the light that fills up the shadow in the dark places. The shadow in the dark places is exactly where the skeletons are going to hide.

What are they and How did they get in there in the first place? 

Are you even familiar with your skeletons? Do you know they are even in there? Do you know what the junk is in the baggage you’re carrying around in all of your relationships and everything you do? Did you know it is probably screwing everything up for you? Well, the first step is AWARENESS.


If you are unfamiliar with your skeletons and you’re not sure where they are, a good place to start is SHAME.

Shame is the feeling of

  • I did something wrong
  • I’m not good enough
  • I didn’t follow the rules
  • I’m going to get in trouble

A little bit of healthy shame is a good thing to have. It keeps us belonging in our society. It helps keep us able to be agreeable with each other. Shame can be a healthy emotion telling you that what you are doing is something that you either are or are not in integrity with yourself.

There is also Toxic Shame. Toxic shame is where I have been taught that if I have feelings at all, I am ‘bad’ and ‘wrong’.

  • If I feel sad, ‘that’s bad’
  • If I feel scared, ‘that’s wrong’
  • If I feel angry, ‘there’s something wrong with me’

Toxic shame is not what I am teaching people. I am teaching people how to feel these emotions fully and express them fully in a loving, productive way. Our ‘negative’ feelings are guide posts for us to lead us in knowing our true selves, knowing what we care about, knowing what we believe in, knowing how we want to expand and how we want to get there. Those feelings are really important. Those skeletons in our closet, are feelings of shame, feelings of toxic shame, and anything you are wanting to hide.

face of a man with hands in front of it, opening the skeletons in the closet

We make up these stories about who we are from our childhood.

My story was, I was the perfect child.

The shame was the fear of failure.

  • I felt ashamed to fall down.
  • I felt ashamed to fail.
  • If I failed it meant I wasn’t loveable or good enough. What I did was hide that shame.
  • Instead of dealing with it I became very superior, operating on top of all that shame.

I got a lot of stuff “achieved”. I was really “good”. I did a lot of “good things” which made me loveable. Honestly, deep down underneath that I wasn’t feeling loveable and I wasn’t achieving much at all because I was missing my life. This is an example of a skeleton that could be in your closet.

I was in a relationship once where there was SHAME …

… and it wasn’t until we uncovered the SHAME that we were able to have an authentic, connected relationship.

The SHAME was actually keeping us from being able to SEE one another as well, and when it was dealt with and removed, we realized we weren’t right for each other!

The opposite of shame is LOVING YOURSELF.

  • When you love yourself completely you still fell the shame but it doesn’t run you anymore.
  • When you deal with the skeletons in the closet, you realize who you really are!

You aren’t just spending all of your time trying to cover up some old shame stories from the past.

Finding The Skeletons in the Closet

  • Where is the pain in your body?
  • Where are you itching and scratching?
  • Where/What makes you uncomfortable?
  • What about yourself are you trying to hide so no one will find out about them?
  • Where are you not willing to look?

This is a good place to find where your skeletons in the closet are. Another way is look at what you’re trying to avoid. The places you are afraid to look is how you find your skeletons.


  • If your relationship is suffering… skeletons you are hiding. Maybe I’m not lovable.
  • If your business is suffering… skeletons you are hiding. Maybe I’m not worthy, deserving, or have value.
  • If your parenting is suffering… skeletons from your own childhood. Maybe abandonment or smothering/controlling parents.

How do the skeletons in the closet affect us?

When we HIDE we can’t be open!

We withhold! One of the 4 horsemen!

It gets in the way of our relationships! We make up stories – all kinds of stories.

When we HIDE – it’s RESTRICTIVE and we HOLD TENSION. That tension needs to be released somewhere, and usually we direct it at a loved one and blame THEM, so we don’t have to feel it.

Ways To Clean Out Those Skeletons in the Closet

  • Journaling
  • Hypnosis sessions
  • Visualization sessions
  • Inner Child work
  • Energy work

Who wants to work on this tangibly and make peace happen in their life?


Feel your body pain. Go into it. Find out where the tension is. If you aren’t experiencing any right now, later when you do, take a moment and check it out. What triggered it? What could your body possibly be telling you? The way we know is to TALK about it. (or write about it). So, if my FOOT hurts, I talk about how I use my foot and how there is pain. It HURTS to TAKE A STEP FORWARD, and when I STOP SUDDENLY, I feel even more PAIN. In this example, we would see that the person is having some kind of tension about moving forward, but even more tension and struggle about stopping suddenly. We would ask if there was a habit of switching from one career or business or relationship to another without completing the first one?

I appreciate you!! THANK YOU for joining me!

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Of course, if you’re wanting more information on how exactly to do this right now, you can work with me one on one. Connect with me