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The Power Of Your Mind - How Your Mind Dictates The Results You Get

Do you understand the power of your mind? Do you believe that life is hard? Your mind determines your world. It plays a very important role in how you are able to create your life.

I recently heard someone say “My life will always be hard, it will always be like this.”

What was really happening, was this man was programming his mind.

When we tell ourselves things like this repeatedly, we believe them as fact, as truth. We go so far as to create results and consequences to prove to us that these are indeed facts.

  • Life is hard because I don’t have enough money.
  • Life is hard because my husband cheated on me.
  • Life is hard because my children fight.

All of these results prove to us this theory that “life is hard.”


The power of your mind and your thoughts create emotions.

And depending on which psychological theory you ascribe to, this can happen in many ways.

So this man’s belief that “life is hard,” not only has him create a life that is hard, but results in feelings of sadness, depression, and other emotions that go with struggling in a life that is “hard.”

  • What if we were able to use the power of our mind in a positive way? If he could reprogram his mind into believing that life is easy?
  • What do you think would happen then?

It would be awfully challenging to feel sad, and depressed when life is easy.

When your mind is looking for how life is easy, you notice how your children get along, how you have enough money in the bank, and how incredibly grateful you are for your husband. When you spend your time looking for how life is easy, like actually becomes easy. This is the power of your mind used in the right way.


The Power Of Your Mind And Quantum Physics

In quantum physics, this can be described using the observer effect.

The field, in quantum physics, is the space into which we project our consciousness.

The Movie “The Matrix” And Quantum Physics

If you’ve ever seen the movie The Matrix, the field is something like The Matrix.

The people in The Matrix are actually living in self- enclosed pods, and their minds are connected to a computer system. In quantum physics, physicists and scientists are discovering that our Consciousness is creating our reality, very similarly to the people in the pods in The Matrix.

There is a program running that we all live in, which is the world that we know, and things like gravity and time exist in this program. Carl Jung would have defined this program is the collective consciousness.

So each of us has our own capability of creating whatever we want inside of the field.

There are beliefs in the collective consciousness that we cannot escape (at least not yet). But outside the collective consciousness, in the field, we have free will to create with our own minds. And the possibilities are limitless.


What Happens When I Throw A Softball?

An example would be I could throw a softball. I’m in charge of making the decision to throw the ball. That would be me using my consciousness to create an action, like me throwing the ball.

Gravity, or the collective consciousness, would be the reason the ball falls.

Taking it a step further, have you ever noticed if you pray hard enough about something it comes true? Or when you’re thinking about someone they call you? Or if you need to make $1,000 by next week somehow you do?

Law of Attraction and Law of Manifestation

There are laws of attraction and laws of manifestation. Your Consciousness is always in communication with these laws. You are literally magnetizing what you want to you at all times.

Now some of you are saying, how did I magnetize the struggle and pain? How come there is more money in my bank account? I really do want more money in my bank account why isn’t it there?


The Power of Your Mind and Your Limiting Beliefs

These are the limiting beliefs that I’m talking about. If you are not consciously creating with the language in and the power of your mind at all times, you are creating out of the operating system that your parents gave you.

The limits come when we are born without the ability to think or speak the language.

And as we are taught how to operate in the world, we form beliefs that we consider to be true.

An important way of staying alive, you learn as a baby, is to belong.

When you’re a brand new baby, you cannot survive on your own. You must depend on your primary care takers. If you do not depend on them you will die. There is a part of your brain that stores this information called the amygdala in the brain stem. It is collecting information all the time to keep you alive.

You learn quickly that if you do things the way others do them, you will be accepted and taken care of.

If you are not accepted or taken care of, you have a fear that you will die. And your amygdala will do anything to prevent you from dying. So you will learn how to put others’ needs before yours, control your environment to your best ability, manipulate others, lie to others, protect yourself, and anything else that is needed in order to survive.

The trouble is, these behaviors stick with us in our adult life.

We have the ability to take care of ourselves as adults, and we will not die, but our amygdala still tells us that we have to continue doing these behaviors to survive.

They are not working for us anymore.

How Do We “Store” Behavioral Information?

When we were in the wild, when we were cavemen, Neanderthal man, it was important to “store” this information because as a child, if a bear is going to eat you, as an adult a bear will still eat you. But in the Modern Age, there are different requirements for staying alive. And we are able to take care of ourselves as adults and not die. But our brain still tells us we will.

What do we do with this information?

This is why hypnosis is so important. It’s important to reprogram your brain for the life you’re actually living now.

Your amygdala still thinks you need to survive at 4 years old. Whatever you learned to survive at 4 years old is what you’re still doing to survive now! And that makes no sense because you are able to take care of yourself now. You are able to provide for yourself now. You do not need these old limiting beliefs operating in your life.

These limiting beliefs are ruining your relationships. They are limiting you and your business. They are blocking you from your peace and joy. You aren’t getting what you want because you are sabotaging yourself due to your brain is telling you this is what you need to do to keep yourself alive!


Are you ready to program your brain to work for you?

Getting control of the thoughts you tell yourself is one of the most important things you will ever do for yourself.

Many of us had very well-intentioned parents.

  • They were trying to keep us alive.
  • They were teaching us how to be in relationship with others without knowing how to actually do it themselves.
  • They told us things like “be safe,” and the message behind the words was “be afraid of life it’s dangerous.”
  • They told us things like “be a good girl or boy.” But the underlying message our brain heard was “You’re not good enough, you need to be better.”

Then we operate our lives out of the feeling of we’re not good enough and we need to be better.

You probably don’t even know the things your brain is telling you that are holding you back.

If you do know the things your brain is telling you that are holding you back, why haven’t you done something to change that yet? Perhaps the things you’ve tried haven’t worked?

Heather is always keeping up with the current psychology and research for how the brain works. She’s fascinated with neuroscience and studies it all the time. She’s also reading research on quantum physics and how you can create your reality with your own consciousness. But if your Consciousness is filled with limiting beliefs and limited messages you’re going to use the power of your mind to create a limited life. Follow her on Facebook to stay connected.

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