Releasing fear is easier than you think! Fear is one of the basic emotions. Many people hold fear in their body. The natural response to Fight or Flight, the sympathetic response (I got it backwards in the video! Sorry!), dumps cortisol and other neurotransmitters from our brain into our body. We actually cannot think rationally when the amydala takes over and you have this response.  It is the brain-stem, or reptilian brain. You are basically in survival mode when the amydala takes over.

Releasing Fear to Overcome Pain

Here is the craziest part about fear. 

When you are finished being afraid, or dealing with the stimulus, your body needs to release the fear.

This even happens to animals! 

What I find in my practice is that people haven’t learned to experience their fear fully and completely.

Do Not Be Afraid …

Many of us were taught to NOT be afraid as children.

  • We were taught to be fearless, or we weren’t allowed to express our emotions at all.
  • We learned to tuck it all in, or “hold ourselves together.”

So, we walk around with our shoulders up, contracted and holding tightly.

We don’t take deep breaths, or allow ourselves to feel any fear at all!

However, holding our bodies like this sends us into a chronic panic mode, or chronic anxiety, which is not healthy.

Releasing Fear, Better than Any Massage

Today, I worked with a client on RELEASING her fear. We went into the fear, released it, reprogrammed the memory and took care of the inner child.

At the end she said, “Man, my arms feel so loose and limp,” and then said, “that was better than a massage!”

a baby kitten laying on his back, relaxing his body and releasing fear

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That was a really cool thing to hear.

I love to hear that people can release stored up tension just by doing emotional release work, and I’m so grateful to be able to do that with my clients.

Stop Holding Fear and Allow Yourself to Just Let Go

So, if you are holding fear, I am going to just recommend for you to shake it out, allow yourself to go into it, feel the fear and the feelings.

Holding fear for too long can actually cause chronic joint pain, it can cause chronic body pain.

So, let your fear out, feel your feelings, and relax yourself!

If you are ready to release your fear, and want support doing it through a SomatoEmotional Release, Heather is available LIVE in her office or you can schedule a virtual session to release your fear.

As you saw from this client, releasing her fear was BETTER than a massage, and some people would rather have these experiences in the comfort of their own home, via Skype.


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