Did you know that not setting boundaries in your life may affect the physical pain you experience? I had the opportunity to work with a BEAUTIFUL human being today with low back pain … Without saying too much about the client or the session … Lets just say that I learned some new *insights about the effects of not setting boundaries properly.” It’s hard to see a “victim” when someone is being so “manly” at “solving” other people’s problems. Read more about how setting boundaries may make your life pain free here.

How Not Setting Boundaries Not Only Challenges Your Mind But Your Body

I remember hearing relationship expert Alison Armstrong talk about how men don’t tell each other their business/ secrets because they (as men) understand that their purpose is to “solve problems.”

So, when you bring a man your business … You burden him (and men understand this). Women don’t do this with each other. 

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(This doesn’t apply to everyone… This is just something I deeply and profoundly realized in my practice today and how it relates to “support,” particularly in the low back).

Putting Pressure on Your Back

a man, holding his hands in front of him on the wall, in praying position, setting boundariesWhen someone is burdened, they carry a weight. It puts “pressure” on their back.

So, a “good man” takes the weight, takes the burden, doesn’t complain. Culturally speaking.

How does he cope? Perhaps he tells white lies, cheats, hides, slips through cracks… Because all that burden is too heavy.


Feeling Like a Burden

Now imagine FEELING like a burden to others. Imagine a person born with an illness. Always needing to go to the doctor and be taken care of. This could be tiring for the parents and caretakers.

The person may internalize the feeling of being a burden to others and then become “independent.”

I know for me personally, this happened when I knew that was too much going on for my mother. I learned early how to take care of myself (my sister, and sometimes my mom and dad emotionally too). I felt like I was a burden. I was too much for them to carry.  So… I learned to carry not only my own load, but others too. My mentality was “F you guys, I got this.”  Because I didn’t want to burden others, I instead chose to do it MY way, and do it perfectly.  If I could do everything perfectly, other’s wouldn’t complain about me being too burdensome.

The Relationship of Not Setting Boundaries and Co-Dependency

This is co-dependence. 

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I’ll take yours and mine.

And then my back or shoulders will go out. (Lack of support, weight of the world, etc).

This is especially challenging particularly for men… Because god forbid they break down and be WEAK! Oh, the horror. Our society doesn’t stand for men to be weak.

woman on the stairs in pain, when you are burdened, you carry a weight, setting boundaries helps to avoid physical pain

So… setting boundaries becomes a challenge. If I say NO… It means either:

  1. I’m not strong enough to support you OR
  2. You’re a burden to me (which I cannot allow because I know how it feels to be a burden and I refuse to “hurt” someone I “love”).

So how could I possibly say no? So… I don’t.

… and your body breaks down.

And the only way I can say no is to have my body break down. If my back hurts… I cannot support you. I just physically cannot. (Thank you body. Now I don’t have to tell people “no”).

Start Setting Boundaries Today!

Setting boundaries is always a challenge. But this adds a new dimension I hadn’t considered before.

Body pain is incredible. And there is nothing more profound that I have seen than a person who finds the emotional pain and begins to release it in order to release physical pain. So incredible.

How are you unwilling to say “NO?”  Where are you lacking boundaries?  What are you holding?


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