Many of us were not given the love and nurturing that we desired and deserved growing up. This lack of love burns a hole in us, making us create stories about not being enough and not mattering. Then we cover this aching pain, we stuff it down with food (or starve ourselves of affection/food), we drink it away to numb out, we learn to stop feeling our feelings, put others first and become professional resentment creators, manipulating others under the table to get what we want.

Stop it now. Take back your life. Empower yourself. Give yourself the love and nurturing that you missed as a child. You deserve it.

So many of us don’t believe that we deserve to be treated kindly, to be treated fairly, to trust ourselves, our intuition, thereby not trusting others. We exist from a place of “I’ve got this, if I want something done right, I have to do it myself.”

It’s time to reprogram your thinking. If you are reading this, it’s time. Start now. Take your limiting belief, and rewrite it. Go to your pain, allow yourself to burn, allow yourself to grieve, allow your sorrow.

And then, rewrite the story. Rewrite the beliefs. And read them everyday. It’s a choice. Are you ready to make the choice?

Louise Hay, one of my favorite leaders, started the affirmation movement with Melody Beattie. They were on to something. Affirmations are extremely powerful. And I could give them to you all day long… but YOU get to make them for yourself. YOU get to make affirmations that cause you to cry because they heal your pain from the inside out. And you can not access your healing without knowing your pain.

So, allow yourself to know yourself. Allow yourself to go to the parts that aren’t working. Allow yourself to admit to yourself that your children aren’t healthy, or you miss that family member that you stopped talking to, or that your relationship is broken, your finances, your integrity… whatever it is… start by admitting it. Allow you to know yourself, and then… allow yourself to be ok with the mess. Tell yourself it’s ok. Mother and nurture yourself, the way you needed to be mothered and nurtured. Hold yourself. Pet yourself. Kiss yourself.