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If you’re near Pembroke Pines and you have pain, Structural Realignment Massage with Heather Hundhausen is your answer.

Did you know that up to 80% of pain seen daily in pain clinics is due to Trigger Points? 

What is Causing My Pain?

Ouch, my body hurts, I’m in so much pain.
I can’t move, nothing is working right, I can’t do my normal activities.

Is this YOU?

Trigger points have been known to cause

  • migraines,
  • headaches,
  • pinched nerves,
  • low back pain,
  • sciatic pain,
  • shoulder restriction,
  • knee pain and
  • plantar fasciitis!

They have even been known to cause allergies and asthma, chest pain, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting!



“I just had the most amazing body work session with the incomparable Heather Hundhausen. If you’re looking for amazing spiritual and emotional release with the body-work of massage and other trigger points, you will find her transformational healing probably the most incredible thing you’ve ever done for yourself. W O W…. so amazing….

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate you, and the work you do. You are truly gifted. Thank you for helping me release the things that my body has held on to that don’t serve me any longer. It’s been an amazing journey going through all of it. You are truly healing.”

Brian Haase

What’s a Trigger Point and how do I get rid of mine?

The body is adaptive. 

It is always trying to keep you out of danger, avoid pain, and use as little energy as possible. 

Inside your muscle tissue, there are very small microfibrils (tiny cellular structures) that have actin and myosin.  Since this isn’t an anatomy class, let me explain like this.


Imagine how velcro works. 

It takes energy to stick it together, and to rip it apart, but it takes ZERO energy for it to stick to itself and hold.  Actin and Myosin work like that together in your muscles.  So, when you are doing a repetitive movement, or holding a muscle in a still position (like when you are using the computer, mobile device, reading, driving, etc), your muscles are saving energy by forming these trigger points.  They are literally sticking together.  And the body thinks it is helping you out. 

The trouble is, they don’t release on their own once they’ve stuck. 

This is where a bodyworker, such as a massage therapist, physical therapist, or chiropractor comes in. 

You may hear the professionals refer to them as adhesions or knots.  When your body starts holding these knots and trigger points, adhesions form, which tightens and pulls the surrounding muscle, throwing your entire body off kilter, causing pain.

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3 Tips That Will Help You To Set Better Boundaries

seeing the spines on a human body, structural realignment by Heather Hundhausen, Pembroke Pines

What is Structural Realignment?

Structural realignment is an integration of many forms of massage therapy, including neuromuscular therapy, Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment Technique and the removal of Trigger Points. 

  • These different forms of massage are used to open the body up, and re-align it back into it’s proper position. 
  • Realigning the body using trigger point release and structural realignment techniques causes your pain to lessen. 
  • Pain relief can sometimes happen in the first session. 


How does structural realignment work?  What can I expect?

Heather will discover where your body is out of alignment upon your first visit. 

She will determine which muscles have shortened and which have lengthened due to trigger points and tightness in the body.  Many therapists “follow the pain” but that is ineffective.  You might receive temporary relief from a therapy like that, but it isn’t affecting the source, or the cause of your pain.



“I came to Heather for mind/body work as I’m a firm believer in the two being inextricably connected. When getting the honor to work with Heather, you are immediately drawn in to her warmth and her obvious and apparent deep, deep commitment to your healing. She has this incredibly unique ability to balance nurturing with strength, both physical and emotional.

She jumps right up on you (and I mean that literally!) and digs deep into your tissues releasing your physical blockages, while at the same time getting you to uncover the emotional blockages that create the pain and other manifestations in the body.

And what never ceases to amaze me is how quickly she is able to get to the bottom of years and years of “stuff” that you’ve been holding on to and get you to release it so you feel an immediate impact. I laugh that I have a “love/hate” relationship with Heather! There are times I resist moving forward because let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t want to go there, but after I am always always grateful that I did. I adore Heather and cannot sing her praises enough. I highly highly recommend her, without reservation.”

Michele V.

The Solution for My Pain

Therefore, the solution to your pain is to find a therapist who is certified in Neuromuscular therapy, Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment Technique, and has vast knowledge and apprenticeship working with Trigger Points and releasing them.


people jumping in a lake and having a good time, you need a structural re-alignment to feel good and healthy

This information is not taught to brand new massage therapists. 

Heather has acquired this information since 1999, and is continually learning to strengthen her practice.

It’s imperative to find someone who knows how to get your body back into alignment.  Someone who can help you determine what you are doing in your daily life as well, that is contributing to your pain pattern. 

As you slowly release and unravel all of the trigger points, the pain patterns will also disappear.

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Heather’s Personal Story with Pain

Heather Hundhausen became interested in Structural Realignment when she found herself with so much sciatic pain that she couldn’t walk. 

After studying everything that she could about every trigger point in the lower half of the body that could have contributed to her pain, she relentlessly worked on her own body tissue until all of the trigger points were released. 

Heather has been mostly pain free since 1999. 

Occasionally her body will tighten up again in new areas, which she can release and work through using structural realignment techniques. 

Her excitement about being able to heal herself, combined with her love for anatomy and physiology, combined with her deep desire to serve others and have them live a happy, healthy life makes her one of the most phenomenal massage therapists in South Florida. 

If you are close to Pembroke Pines,
scroll down now and get ready for a treat!

“Probably the best massage I ever had in my life was with Heather. She knows how to get to the muscle without leaving any residual pain. Believe me some massage therapists think if you leave hurting they have done their job-not so. Heather knows the structure of the body so well she can find the problem area and you would never have thought that it was there.

She gives great guidance in how to communicate with her about her massage and she listens. She knew when I was blocked as well on my feminine side. (You have to ask her about that).”

~Donna Burst

It works!

Structural realignment in the body is imperative for the release of pain. 

People often come to massage therapists as a last resort, hoping to find some pain relief, after seeing doctors, taking medications that make them addicted, and not actually being able to release the CAUSE of the pain.  People are amazed as they discover they can feel good again with something as simple as a massage.

Don’t Wait, Why You Should Have Structural Realignment Now!

If you are having pain, (and perhaps you are taking medication to cover the pain), you are doing your body more harm than good. 

The longer you have tightness, the more pain and mis-alignment you will cause your body.  It’s so important to get your body back into its natural state of health!

Not only can working with Heather help to relieve your pain with structural realignment, but she can also support you in learning breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, and ways of releasing stress to support you in either completely eliminating your pain, or at the very least, making your pain manageable and your life happy.

Reach out NOW to set up an appointment!  If you are ready to set up an appointment, you can go here:

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If you’d like to talk with Heather about your specific circumstance before coming in for a session, please put yourself in her calendar here.

PS – not yet convinced it’s for you?  Read more about Heather’s massage services in Pembroke Pines here.

“You are the best mom, coach and massage therapist! I love you!”

~Linda Rodriguez

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