Day 2 of 12 Days of Christmas Presence: My life is full of peace – Peace is the natural state of the world.  

Imagine the woods, nature, the beach, the jungle.  

The silence, the sounds, the wind, the breeze, the water sounds, the feel of the earth beneath you.  

Peace is always attainable, always available, and always there.  

We decide when to add drama into the peace.  In nature, there are moments of awareness, alertness, and possibly fear of a traumatic event, but they are rare and infrequent.  Every time we drive in our car, we are encountering a lion! 


Get It Done

When we push ourselves to do the NEXT THING and GET IT DONE, we are stressing ourselves out and creating drama.  

And the way we think about it can be even more drama!  

If my child cleans the bathroom, but doesn’t actually get anything clean, what will I notice?  

That he cleaned it?

Or that he did it wrong? 

It’s a choice.  

The choice is yours how you want to see the world.  

You can look for the peace and find it all day long.  Or you can allow yourself to be swept away by the dramas of life, finding yourself to be a victim, and needing others to fix things for you.  Or you can reconnect to the peace that is your natural state, your divine right, and allow yourself to experience that.  

God says in the bible, be anxious for nothing.  

That’s because, your natural state is peace. 

You just have to remind yourself of that.



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