Day 11 of 12 Days of Christmas Presence: My feet and mother earth. It’s drop down day.  We are going way down.  If you are a woman, or a man that wants to increase his connection to the feminine, we are also going into the womb.  The place of creation.


Allow yourself to drop down all the way …

Drop your attention, your energy, and yourself, all the way down.  

How far do you go?  Pay attention to how far you go.  Do you stop at your hips?  Do you stop at the bottom of your feet?  Or do you root yourself all the way into the core of the mother?


Rooting into Mother Earth

Take a moment now and allow yourself to be rooted all the way into the core of the mother.  


Imagine You Have Roots …

Imagine you have roots that grow out of your feet, and grow straight down into the minerals and supplements of the core of the earth.  

Where all elements are found.  Where everything that is needed is found.  

Everything that sustains life on earth is found inside of this beautiful planet.  

Allow yourself to experience your connection to it right now.


You Have Everything You Need

Allow yourself to recognize that your womb is the same as the center of the earth.  

That you have everything inside of you that creates human life on the planet.  All that is needed is fertilizer for your egg.  

The rest, your amazing body does.  

The fetus eats from you, grows inside of you, and comes to life through you.  The womb has incredible healing and regenerating powers.  


Go Into Your Womb

If you are a man …

Take a moment and allow yourself to go into the womb.  (If you are following along and you are a man, allow yourself to put yourself into the womb as well.  Plant yourself into the womb, the same way you would plant your energy into the earth).

Feel the deep power of the womb of the earth connected to you through your feet, and the deep power of the womb inside of you, or that you are inside.  

There is abundant, powerful, creative, regenerative, restorative energy available everywhere.

If you are a woman …

If you are a woman, take a moment to ACKNOWLEDGE yourself for the fact that you allow others in your life, your children and your man particularly, to PLUG INTO your womb energy.  

This is the reason that you need to take time, especially during the holidays, to plug into your own restoration.  

Everyone is pulling from you.  

You are an ever-flowing vessel of creation and nurturance.  You get to recharge yourself to keep everyone else going.  It’s the most important thing you can do for your family.



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