Day 8 of 12 Days of Christmas Presence: Forgiveness is more than an impossible word.

So many of my clients struggle with grief and forgiveness.

After years of working with people on this subject, I have realized it comes down to 2 basic things.  And, it doesn’t matter if we are talking something BIG like forgiveness, or something BIG like getting healthy, or something SMALL like putting on the gym clothes.  (Sometimes, you’ve gotta just break it down into small manageable steps).  

But here is the reality.  

One part of us is “protecting” us, in other words, managing the status quo, and the other part of us wants to “evolve,” expand, awaken, actually be pain free, or whatever you want to call it.


Here’s the simplest way I can support you with forgiveness.

Feel the pain that the other person caused you.  

FEEL it in your body.  

GOD it hurts.  

It’s terrible.  

Whatever they did, whether they hurt you, betrayed you, or abandoned you, it sucks.  

Feel it.

Now, here’s the hard part.  

Keep feeling that pain, but open your eyes.  

Look around the room you are in.  

Are they in the room?




In this moment, both parts of you say, “uh oh.”  

The part that is trying to protect the status quo (meaning the part that wants to keep hurting because they hurt you) and the part that wants to stop hurting.

Both parts of you just realized YOU ARE HURTING YOU.

And, it makes no sense to do that.


Are you willing to let go?

So, if you’re willing to let go of that story you are running that keeps you hurting, and step into forgiveness, repeat after me

____, I forgive you, and I set myself free, unless I choose to use you, to imprison myself again.


____, I forgive you, and I set myself free, unless I choose to use you and this PAINFUL STORY, to imprison myself again and cause myself pain.

I’m done with hurting myself.  

I’m letting go now.


Heather HundhausenOver the years, I have been a serial learner and practitioner, taking in information about psychology, religion, spirituality, science, medicine, quantum physics, relationships, parenting, and overall, general happiness and work-life balance.  I’ve been fascinated in what it takes to and have created my life of pure joy, happiness, balance and peace. It is my mission to spread what I have learned and practiced to you in ways that are simple, easy to understand AND implement.  I have served people in achieving realignment in their bodies, relationships and purpose for over 20 years.  If you liked this article, and you want to read more, please visit one of the links below: