Day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas Presence: Parenting 101 – yesterday you got to meet your inner child.  Today, you get a very special gift.  

You get the qualities that you always wanted in your parent.  

Many of us had moments with our parents that we wish we could re-write.  


Today is a gift, for you, from you, from your heart, for your inner child.  

Today, you get to remember something that hurt, and you get to have your parent respond to you in the way that you WISHED it had happened, instead of the way that it did.  

Today, your parent gets sprinkled with imaginary fairy dust, and becomes the parent that you wished you could have had during that moment that you wish could have been different.  

So, just simply bring that moment to mind.  


Find your pain.  

Place your hand on your pain.  

Allow your inner child to show you the pain.  

Allow your inner wisdom to guide you.  

And allow your inner child to speak and express all of the things that you were unable to say in that moment, for whatever reason, now.  


Your inner child knows.

The inner child knows now that he/she is safe, and that the parent is going to respond in the way the child wishes the parent had actually responded in the past.  

Allow the parent to be loving, to access their heart space. 

 Allow the child to receive the love into their heart.  

Allow them to connect.   

Allow the healing that needs to happen to happen.  


If there is pain, it’s cleared out of the body now.

Know that if there is pain, sadness, or tears, this is just old hurt that is now clearing out of the body, and it’s just an expression and removal of old, stored, ineffectual energy that is being cleared.


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