Day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas Presence: Chew on this – the messages of your mouth and tummy.


The Connection between Your Mouth and Your Stomach

Take a moment and really feel the connection between your mouth and your stomach.  You eat with your mouth, you digest the food in your stomach ….  You have an impulse in your stomach, and intuition, and you speak….  You may feel angry in your stomach, and you may say something that hurts someone.  Your stomach senses something disgusting, and you purge.

Shutting Down Your Gut-Mouth Connection

Very often, we shut down the connection between the gut and the mouth.  

We don’t allow ourselves to feel our anger.  

We don’t allow ourselves to speak and share. 

What are you “taking in” that you aren’t willing to “digest?”


Our Digestive Tract and the Holiday Festivities

Let’s take a moment and allow ourselves to be with our digestive tract for a moment.  

The holidays can be tough on the track, eating foods that we don’t normally eat.

Check in with your mouth.  Your jaw.  Your teeth.  

Are you holding tension there?  Are there unspoken words you are holding in your mouth?  Are there feelings you are holding there?

Check in with your throat.  Your esophagus.  

What are you swallowing?  Do you like it?  Do you like taking in what you are taking in?  Physically, like food, or emotionally, like fear or others judgments?  What does your voicebox say?  Does it want to sing?  Does it want to talk?  Does it have something to say to someone that you don’t allow it to say?  Do you have something to say to the world?

Check in with your stomach.  

Is it digesting your life well?  Are things landing in there?  Is life too spicy or too bland?  Is it hurting?  Can you hear your “gut” telling you intuitively something important?  Are you listening?


Maintaining Good Health

The connection between the two is important in relationships for expressing ourselves and knowing ourselves, and also in maintaining good health. 

The foods we are eating are laden with chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides.  We are overtaxing our systems.  

Very often times, emotionally eating these poisonous foods.  

At some point, as I’ve seen in my practice, the body will break down and not function properly any longer.  

Being aware of the emotional component that is part of the digestive system is something to really keep your eye on.



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