I woke up this morning and the first thought I had was, “You don’t need to get into the bath and meditate.” I thought… uh oh… Then next thought was something equally self-destructive… but sounded so fun and relaxing, like, “just snuggle closer to Mike and fall back to sleep.” Uh oh. Read more here about the importance of self-care for health and stress management today.

The Importance of Self Care for Health and Stress Management: Creating a Spiritual, Physical and Mental Health Routine

I have spent the last month in a semi-rigorous spiritual, physical and mental health routine. I had buried myself deeply in a hole, and I realized the only one who could pull me out, was me.

So, I have been practicing self-care, I have been meditating, practicing boundaries, eating right, and getting the support I need to keep everything in balance.

My Inner Voice

When I heard this voice come in this morning, I knew it wasn’t the voice of my higher self. This was the voice of self-sabotage. I recognize it immediately now.woman in a bath

So, I went back and forth in my mind about what choice to make. Knowing that all of the choices would impact my day differently.

  • I could sleep more (hit the reset button).
  • I could take a bath and meditate (keep my practice of self-care going).
  • I could write my blog (something I’ve been procrastinating for weeks and I am really starting to beat myself up about).
  • I could wake Mike up (and deepen our connection and bond).

Don’t they all sound like positive choices?

But I knew. I knew these “rational” and “justified” choices were all about me DOING something to try to PROVE something to myself. That I am enough. That I am doing my best. That I am valuable. Whatever it was.

I knew the best thing for me was a reset.

So, I went back to sleep, and had dreams and slept well.

I have to take a bath and meditate …

When I woke up again, I felt much better, and just without thinking, headed to my new “habit” that I’m trying to form of taking a bath and meditating. It wasn’t “first thing” in the morning anymore… and I knew I was going to have to “give up” other parts of my day/schedule to “fit it in,” but I’m just not willing to give MYSELF up right now.

This is the ME time I have been needing for YEARS and I am taking it. Even if I have to give up something else.

I Am Committed to a Life of Peace, Play and Fun

I am committed to a life of peace, ease, fun and play. I am finally getting to the point where EVERYTHING doesn’t trigger me anymore. That I can actually spend MOST of my day in my parasympathetic nervous system (rest and repair), instead of the other way around, always on edge, always anxious. It has been a process. And it has been a challenge. And my ego still wants me to feel like shit because that was a place I was comfortable hanging out…

So hard to admit that I used to be COMFORTABLE feeling like crap about myself and the world. I used to actually buy into the idea that “work is hard” and “relationships are hard” and “life is hard.”

I was tired of everything being hard. It doesn't have to be. Click To Tweet

I can actually live, day by day, in a state of peace. I just have to be SUPER AWARE of whether or not I am letting myself do that with my thoughts, emotions and actions.

I Am Nice, Not Stressed Out When I Care … About Myself

And when I do that, everyone around me actually benefits. Because I’m nice… not tense. Wow. Not what I expected. Somehow I expected everyone to freak out if I put myself first.

But what actually happens is, I put myself first, I feel better, and then I actually treat them nicer/better! WOW! Click To Tweet

Ridiculous how easy that was, and that I have been AVOIDING it!? Crazy to think that I was avoiding the thing that would actually put the family back into a state of peace…. putting myself back into a day of peace LOL! One day at a time.

Do you have questions about the importance of self-care for health and stress management? Do you experience a challenge with self-care and putting yourself first? Can you hear the voice of self-sabotage when it comes in? Do you know when you are justifying yourself and telling yourself that you are great when you are really just avoiding a part of yourself that you are ashamed of?
I can’t wait to hear that I’m not alone in this. I know I’m not. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for sharing how you relate!


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