Our inner voice tells us to avoid conflict. Too often, there was too much conflict in our homes growing up. We were powerless. We didn’t feel like we could stop them or make a difference.

What We Really Need: Stop Avoiding Conflict and Start Speaking Up

The trouble is, when we grow up without learning confidence, we keep avoiding conflict and remain powerless. We don’t get our needs met. Often because we are too afraid to say what we need, or even worse, we just don’t know.

This causes resentment inside of US towards those we supposedly love.

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But if we really loved them, and ourselves, wouldn’t we tell them what we need, so they could love and support us back?


Lying About What We Really Need to Avoid Losing Love

Not telling them what we really need is actually a form of lying. Lying is betrayal. So, avoiding conflict is actually a betrayal of the trust of the relationship!

I know a man who’s wife badgers him to take care of the kids, clean the house and do what she wants.  Instead of telling her, “NO” and that he doesn’t want to do it, he say, “ok,” but then doesn’t do it!  This makes her crazy!  We have been talking about how this is a form of him giving away his power, and also how it doesn’t feel good INSIDE OF HIS SOUL to say YES when he means NO.  He does this to avoid conflict with her, but ends up creating conflict inside of himself.

Love Yourself So You Can Love Others

So… Let’s start speaking up, and giving others the opportunity to love us! Even if it means a little conflict to do so.


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